OMV Petrom completes first delivery of LNG in Romania

OMV Petrom said that it made its first liquefied natural gas (LNG) delivery to Damen Shipyards Mangalia in Mangalia, Romania.

The South-Eastern European energy company said that the LNG product was used for fueling a ship equipped with LNG engines. It is the first ship of this type that has been constructed in Romania, in the Damen Shipyards.

Radu Căprău — member of the OMV Petrom executive board, who is responsible for downstream oil, said: “The transport sector, which plays an essential role in the mobility of goods and people, is also one of the sectors in which efficient and comprehensive emissions reduction measures are needed.

“OMV Petrom is and will continue to be part of the solution, with a mixed products portfolio that meets the mobility needs of our country. The first LNG delivery in Romania is another step we are taking in expanding the offer of low-emission transport products.”

OMV Petrom completes first delivery of LNG in Romania

OMV Petrom completes first delivery of LNG in Romania. Photo courtesy of OMV PETROM S.A.

According to the European energy company, the maiden LNG delivery made by it in Romania involved coordinating and managing a complex process in which various partner companies were part of while complying with all safety measures. This meant a couple of separate transports of two tankers each, which fueled the tank of the LNG-powered ship.

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