Novo Holdings acquires 60% stake in Single Use Support to bolster biopharma innovations


In a strategic move to enhance its presence in the biopharmaceutical sector, Novo Holdings A/S has secured a majority stake of approximately 60% in Single Use Support, a pioneering Austrian company specializing in bioprocessing solutions. The acquisition underscores Novo Holdings’ commitment to advancing healthcare technologies and marks its first control investment in the DACH region, reflecting a significant expansion of its Life Science Tools & Diagnostics portfolio.

Transaction Details and Strategic Implications

The deal will see Novo Holdings joining forces with existing stakeholders, including the company’s founders, Johannes Kirchmair and Thomas Wurm, who retain a 10% stake each, and Danaher, which holds the remaining 20%. The acquisition, still pending regulatory approval, aims to drive further innovation and global expansion, particularly targeting the U.S. and Asian markets.

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Foundational Growth and Operational Transition

Founded in 2017 by Kirchmair and Wurm, Single Use Support has quickly become a leader in the field, providing essential equipment and consumables that enhance the efficiency, safety, and cleanliness of pharmaceutical production processes. These technologies are critical in the manufacturing of biological drug substances and advanced therapies, including mRNA vaccines. As the company prepares for its next growth phase, Christian Praxmarer, who recently assumed the role of CEO following several years in various management positions within the company, will spearhead the expansion efforts, particularly in new markets outside Europe.

Novo Holdings Secures Key Stake in Biotech Innovator Single Use Support

Novo Holdings Secures Key Stake in Biotech Innovator Single Use Support

Innovative Edge and Future Directions of Single Use Support

Single Use Support is renowned for its innovative solutions in fluid and cold chain management, which are vital for the secure and efficient handling of biologics. The company employs nearly 200 people across its locations in Kufstein, Hall in Tirol, and Lexington, Massachusetts. With the backing of Novo Holdings, Single Use Support is set to enhance its product offerings and customer reach, continuing to set benchmarks in the biopharmaceutical industry.

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Statements from Key Stakeholders

Johan Hueffer, Senior Partner at Novo Holdings, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, noting the alignment with Novo Holdings’ strategy to invest in high-potential life science entities. “This partnership not only amplifies our portfolio but also enhances our ability to support groundbreaking therapies and medical technologies,” stated Hueffer.

On the founders’ side, Kirchmair and Wurm conveyed their confidence in Novo Holdings as a stable and visionary partner, committed to the company’s long-term success and innovation.

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Industry and Market Outlook

The biopharmaceutical sector continues to grow, driven by advancements in drug development and an increasing focus on personalized medicine. With its strategic investments and strong industry connections, Novo Holdings is well-positioned to capitalize on these trends, supporting innovative companies like Single Use Support in their mission to revolutionize pharmaceutical production.

The partnership between Single Use Support and Novo Holdings is poised to create substantial value for both entities. By leveraging Novo Holdings’ extensive network and financial resources, Single Use Support can accelerate its technological advancements and market penetration, potentially leading to significant impacts on the global biopharmaceutical landscape.

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