Mujin to showcase TruckBot container unloading robot at ProMat 2023


Mujin, a provider of intelligent automation solutions, has launched a cutting-edge robot called TruckBot to help with the unloading of truck and shipping containers.

TruckBot will debut during ProMat 2023 to be held at McCormick Place, Chicago, which will allow visitors to see its capabilities in Mujin’s stall.

With the hourly capacity to unload up to 1,000 cases, TruckBot is a robot designed specifically to solve the difficulties posed by the process of unloading floors-loaded trailers and containers that are used in the majority of warehouses and distribution centers.

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TruckBot was developed to be attached to traditional telescoping conveyors in many loading docks. It can reach as high as 52 feet inside either the truck trailer or shipping container and can accommodate boxes that weigh up to 50 pounds as well as containers with complex packing and mixed stock-keeping unit (SKU) loads.

Mujin to showcase TruckBot container unloading robot at ProMat 2023

Mujin to showcase TruckBot container unloading robot at ProMat 2023. Photo courtesy of Business Wire.

The container unloading bot operates on the MujinController robotics platform which allows it to work on its own by determining the most efficient routes and moving, while minimizing idle time and increasing productivity.

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In Mujin’s booth during ProMat, TruckBot will be working in conjunction with the company’s palletizing robot to separate the cases into pallets to store them. Autonomous vehicles will transport the pallets to a palletizing site to restart the process, said the robotics technology company.

Ross Diankov — Mujin CEO said: “TruckBot is a game-changer for warehouses looking to streamline their operations and reduce costs.

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“The dock door is the largest bottleneck in our supply chain and unloading trailers is back-breaking work. TruckBot will improve safety and effectiveness for warehouses across the globe while unlocking the possibility for true fully-autonomous operations.”

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