Mubadala Energy announces significant gas discovery offshore Indonesia


Mubadala Energy, the Abu Dhabi-headquartered international energy company, has made headlines with its latest gas discovery at the Tangkulo-1 exploration well, situated approximately 65 kilometers offshore North Sumatra, Indonesia. This marks the company’s second successful deepwater exploration, following the recent major discovery at Layaran-1 in the same region.

Details of the Gas Discovery

The Tangkulo-1 well, which reached a depth of 3,400 meters in waters that are 1,200 meters deep, has uncovered an impressive 80 meters of gas column in a high-quality Oligocene sandstone reservoir. This discovery was confirmed through comprehensive data collection, including a full 72-meter core, wireline logging, sidewall coring, and the sampling of pressure and fluids.

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A newly implemented Drill Stem Test (DST) design was utilized at the well, allowing it to flow 47 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscf/d) of high-quality gas and 1,300 barrels of condensate. While the testing facilities limited further outputs, the well is estimated to have a capacity of 80-100 mmscf/d and over 2,000 barrels of condensate.

Mubadala Energy reports significant gas discovery offshore Indonesia

Mubadala Energy reports significant gas discovery offshore Indonesia

Strategic Implications for Southeast Asia

Mansoor Mohammed Al Hamed, CEO of Mubadala Energy, emphasized the broader impact of these discoveries: “When added to our recent success at Layaran-1, this game-changing discovery promises to transform Indonesia’s and Southeast Asia’s energy landscape and demonstrates that South Andaman is one of the world’s most exciting energy plays.”

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Mubadala Energy holds an 80% working interest in South Andaman, positioning it as the largest net acreage holder in the area. The discoveries at Tangkulo-1 and Layaran-1 not only add substantial contingent volume but also serve as a catalyst for the company’s continued growth in the region through further exploration and appraisal activities.

Commitment to Energy Transition

The company’s efforts align with its gas-biased strategy, which supports sustainable energy development. “By working with partners and harnessing our world-class technical capabilities, I am confident we can realize the full potential of this block, in line with our commitment to support the government’s ambitious development timeframes,” added Al Hamed. This approach also enhances Mubadala Energy’s role in the global energy transition, focusing on cleaner energy sources.

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The discovery at Tangkulo-1, combined with the success at Layaran-1, underscores Mubadala Energy’s leadership in developing significant gas resources in Southeast Asia. These developments not only promise to boost local energy supplies but also contribute to regional energy security and economic growth.

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