Motorola Solutions, Google Cloud to revolutionize public safety with cloud tech


In a significant move towards advancing public safety and enterprise security, Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) and Google Cloud have entered into a strategic, multi-year agreement. This partnership is set to bring about a new era of innovation in cloud solutions, specifically tailored to improve Motorola Solutions’ safety and security technologies. At the forefront of this collaboration is the commitment to developing assistive intelligence capabilities, leveraging Google Cloud’s robust infrastructure.

Motorola Solutions aims to harness the advanced computing power of Google Cloud to elevate its assistive intelligence technologies. This includes the delivery of highly accurate and reliable video content, enhanced mapping, and AI capabilities. Such advancements are crucial for tackling real-world safety challenges, ensuring communities and businesses benefit from more accessible and actionable security measures.

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Mahesh Saptharishi, executive vice president and chief technology officer at Motorola Solutions, emphasized the company’s dedication to creating a safer future. “This collaboration will leverage the power of sensors, data, and AI to help make safety and security more accessible and actionable,” he stated. The initiative promises to revolutionize how safety is perceived and implemented across various sectors.

Strategic Collaboration Between Motorola Solutions and Google Cloud Aims to Enhance Safety and Security Technologies

Strategic Collaboration Between Motorola Solutions and Google Cloud Aims to Enhance Safety and Security Technologies

A key component of this partnership is the development and deployment of cloud security solutions like Avigilon Alta. This cloud-native video suite is designed to provide enterprise security solutions scalable to organizations of all sizes. By enabling real-time visibility and awareness, Motorola Solutions and Google Cloud aim to enhance protection for schools, monitor unusual activities in businesses, and secure large-scale events more effectively.

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Will Grannis, vice president and chief technology officer of Google Cloud, highlighted Motorola Solutions’ leadership in creating technologies that safeguard communities and enterprises. “Together we will channel our latest cloud advancements to support Motorola Solutions’ sharpened focus on safety and security innovations via the cloud,” Grannis added.

The strategic partnership between Motorola Solutions and Google Cloud marks a pivotal step towards integrating cloud technology with safety and security solutions. By focusing on the advancement of assistive intelligence, the collaboration is expected to set new standards in how safety challenges are addressed. The use of Google Cloud’s infrastructure to develop highly accurate and reliable video content delivery, mapping, and AI capabilities could significantly impact the effectiveness of public safety and enterprise security measures.

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As Motorola Solutions and Google Cloud embark on this multi-year agreement, the promise of innovating cloud solutions for safety and security technologies is more palpable than ever. This collaboration not only underscores the importance of leveraging cloud and AI technologies in enhancing safety measures but also sets the stage for a future where safety and security are more accessible and actionable for all.

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