Miami Grill seeks out franchise partners in Jacksonville, Florida

Miami Grill, a US fast casual restaurant chain known for its cheesesteaks, gyros, wings, and burgers, said that it is looking for franchise partners in the Jacksonville market.

Having opened a corporate-owned restaurant, the fast casual restaurant chain said that the turnkey operation located at 9575 N. Regency Square Blvd. was refranchised this year to an existing franchise partner that will open his third unit next year. Miami Grill is now looking to expand its footprint in the Jacksonville DMA, which is part of its aggressive growth plan to include all the important metro areas across Florida.

Robert Haar – Vice President of Franchise Development at Miami Grill said: “The expansion of Miami Grill is crucial to our overall success.

“We’re targeting the development of the brand throughout Central and North Florida. Without exception, all cities that we have re-entered have proven to be extremely receptive to us being back. We continue to maintain very strong brand equity in all of the major metro markets.”

Miami Grill wants to expand in Jacksonville, Florida.

Miami Grill wants to expand in Jacksonville, Florida. Photo courtesy of Miami Grill.

Miami  Grill began its business with a single restaurant called Mr. Submarine in Key West, Florida in 1983. From there, the fast casual restaurant chain is said to have experienced quick growth as “Miami Subs” during the 90s.

In 2012, Miami Subs partnered with music sensation and equity owner “Pitbull” to move on to the next level, while rebranding thereafter as Miami Grill.

Evan Friedman – Executive Vice President of Miami Grill said: “What makes Miami Grill so special is that everything on our menu is authentic and made fresh to order. If you loved Miami Subs, wait until you experience Miami Grill.”

Miami Grill said that qualified franchise partners will get full support from its corporate office in the areas of real estate and selection of site, construction and design, financing, operations and training systems, marketing, point of sale decisions, and also assistance in purchasing and distribution.

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