Medicinal Plants that play a role as Anthelmintics


Some of the plants which are used for treating the disorders caused by the intestinal worms are

1. Papita

Biological Name : Carica papaya

Carica papaya at Uppsala Botanic Gardens

Carica papaya at Uppsala Botanic Gardens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The seeds of papaya has anthelimintic properties. When the seeds are given with honey, they expel the round worms. The leaves also have anthelmintic activity.

English: Carica papaya - Seeds - with and with...

English: Carica papaya – Seeds – with and without skin.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Baibirang (Cottom)

Biological Name : Ambelia tsjeriam

The dried fruit of the plant constitutes the drug. The drug is effective against round worms and tape worms. The drug also has anti-bacterial and anti-tubercular activities.

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3. Dudhi

Biological Name : Euphorbia hirta

Euphorbia is effective in removing worms in children. It also have anti-bacterial and anti-tubercular properties.

4. Gandhpura Ka Tel, Oil of winter green

Biological Name : Gaultheria fragrantissima

Gaultheria is useful against hook worms. The oil of wintergreen is useful for the preparations for killing or repelling mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

5. Kamela

Biological Name : Mallotus phillippaensis

Konda Gangudu (Telugu: కొండ గంగుడు)

Konda Gangudu (Telugu: కొండ గంగుడు) (Photo credit: dinesh_valke)

Kamela is chiefly used for destroying tape worms. The powder is taken with milk or curd. If one dose of kamela is unable to expel worms, the dose has to be repeated. Sometimes the dose of castor oil may be required to expel the dead worms. Kamela is also useful for skin diseases and hairs of fruit reduce fertility.

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6. Haldi

Biological Name : Curcuma longa

Take one gram of haldi powder with warm water, twice daily for killing pin worms and round worms.

7. Ananas

Biological Name : Ananas comosus

Ananas comosus

Ananas comosus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fresh juice of the leaves or even leaves acts as powerful purgative, anthelmintic and vermicide.

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Mixture of chuhara, ajwain and baibarang in equal proportions if taken (6g) with honey daily twice or thrice, clears worms in children. The worms attach themselves to the wall of the intestine and they cause slight but persistent loss of blood. This leads to anaemia, which is not severe but deteriorates the normal condition of the patient. General hygiene is essential and bare foot walking should be discouraged.


  • Ayurvedic – Krimghna, Vati/Vidangarista
  • Unani – Kirmar
  • Homeopathic – Santonine Complex
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