LTIMindtree teams up with Aflac Incorporated to harness AWS cloud


In a defining move towards a digital evolution, global tech consultant and digital solutions firm, LTIMindtree, is collaborating with Aflac Incorporated, the US’s preeminent provider of supplemental insurance and a celebrated Fortune 500 entity. Their aim? To invigorate Aflac’s digital capabilities using the robust cloud-native services of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The cornerstone of this collaboration is LTIMindtree’s commitment to overhauling Aflac’s on-site applications, which currently run on an aging, unsupported platform. By utilizing AWS’s potent tools—including Amazon CloudFront, AWS Key Management Service (KMS), AWS Secrets Manager, and Lambda—LTIMindtree is looking to create an architecture resonating with the AWS Well-Architected Framework. This strategic alignment ensures not just compliance but also enhanced security and reliability.

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Polly Fabry, Director of Emerging Technologies at Aflac Incorporated, shed light on this strategic move: “As Aflac continues its aggressive growth trajectory, our goal is to transition from traditional face-to-face business operations to a more sophisticated, digital-forward approach. An approach that’s agile, secure, and timely. With LTIMindtree’s vast cloud migration acumen and AWS’s unparalleled flexibility and scalability, we’re poised to navigate and rise above operational and competitive hurdles.”

LTIMindtree teams up with Aflac Incorporated to harness AWS cloud, aiming for enhanced security and significant cost cuts

LTIMindtree teams up with Aflac Incorporated to harness AWS cloud, aiming for enhanced security and significant cost cuts. Photo courtesy of Garydunncolumbusgausa/Wikimedia Commons.

Chiming in on this transformational journey, Sudhir Chaturvedi, the President & Executive Board Member at LTIMindtree, highlighted the need for insurers to stay agile. “To combat rising operational costs, security vulnerabilities, and compliance needs, it’s imperative to adopt solutions that are swift and efficient. Marrying LTIMindtree’s modernization tools with AWS’s dynamic cloud architecture enables Aflac to maximize its digital prowess. This synergy ensures a seamless operational journey, culminating in stellar business results.”

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One of the major outcomes of this partnership will be bolstering Aflac’s defenses against security threats, while significantly benefiting its user base, which includes a vast agent community. Furthermore, the initiative is geared to be inclusive with its adherence to the WCAG 2.1 guidelines, broadening its reach. In terms of tangible benefits, AWS migration is set to amplify Disaster Recovery efficiency by over 50%. Additionally, Aflac is looking at a substantial cost cut, with a projected decrease in Total Cost of Ownership by over 20% and an overarching drop in application hosting expenses by over 30%.

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