Did you know salty food increases hunger and reduces thirst in people

In a recent study it was revealed that intake of salty food reduces your thirst and increases hunger as you require high need of energy.

That’s the reason you cannot stop eating French fries sprinkled with salt.

The study was published in the Clinical Investigation journal. The results have shown that salt stayed in the urine whereas the water gets absorbed into the kidney and body.

As said by the researcher Friedrich C Luft belonging to Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine in Germany, salt is not a waste product and it turns out to be a vital osmolyte. It combines with water and helps in its transport.

Salty Food / French Fries

Salty Food / French Fries

It plays an important role when our body is low in salt level. This would be the nature’s way of conserving water otherwise it would be carried away by salt into the urine.

But it found out to be entirely reverse in case of Cosmonauts where the team carried out a similar simulated study in Mars. In Cosmonauts, who consumed more salt retained more water and were not thirsty and they required more energy.

The study was carried out by dividing participants in two groups 10 male volunteers and was locked in mock spaceship for two simulated flights to Mars. They were examined for 105 days. The second group was examined for 205 days.

Both the groups were fed with similar diets and afterwards they were give different levels of salt in their diet.  The result revealed that eating more salt has led to high salt content in urine.

The results revealed that concentrated urine was not due to more drinking as salty diet made them to drink less water as the salt was triggering a mechanism to conserve water in the kidneys.

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