Kejriwal’s fiery challenge to BJP: “Arrest Us All!” Amidst growing political tensions


In a charged response to the recent arrest of his personal assistant Bibhav Kumar, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has lashed out at the BJP, accusing it of systematically targeting Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) members. In a video message released on Saturday, Kejriwal vehemently criticized the ruling party for what he described as a campaign to dismantle AAP by arresting its leaders one by one, including himself and other high-profile party members.

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The Allegations and Arrest

The arrest of Bibhav Kumar, accused of assaulting Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal at the chief minister’s residence, has ignited a fierce political controversy. Maliwal, a long-time associate of Kejriwal, alleged that Kumar had attacked her, escalating tensions within AAP and drawing severe criticism from various political quarters, especially the BJP.

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Kejriwal’s Defiant Stance and Future Plans

In his statement, Kejriwal not only denied the charges but also announced a bold move: he plans to present himself and other senior AAP leaders at the BJP headquarters, challenging the BJP to arrest them collectively. This declaration underscores his claim that despite the arrests, AAP’s influence and resolve remain unshaken, asserting that “hundreds of leaders will be born” for every leader jailed.

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This recent development is a classic example of the intense political rivalry in Indian politics, where allegations often lead to dramatic confrontations. Kejriwal’s strategy to confront accusations head-on by rallying public support reflects a high-stakes attempt to reinforce his party’s image and challenge the BJP’s actions directly.

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