KAY Jewelers unveils Reaura: An exclusive repurposed 14K gold collection


KAY Jewelers, a renowned American jewelry retailer, introduces the Reaura Collection, their inaugural range crafted entirely from repurposed 14K gold. Priced between $219.99 and $2,699.99, this contemporary collection will be accessible online and in select KAY stores from October 16, 2023, offering consumers a blend of sustainability and luxury.

A Sustainable Milestone for KAY Jewelers

Bill Brace, President of KAY Jewelers, remarked on the launch, “The Reaura Collection is an exciting milestone for KAY as it achieves two goals that are integral to the ethos of our brand. First and foremost, it is a thoughtfully designed collection that is modern yet timeless. The design teams surveyed the jewelry landscape and brought those insights back to create jewelry with unique textures, including one which is a bold high polish, that is different than anything KAY has ever created. Second, Reaura is especially poignant as it’s one of the first collections from KAY to support the circular economy by repurposing quality materials to create on-trend, versatile, and innovative jewelry. It continues to allow us to connect with our consumers in an authentic way and inspire love as people, from the customer to the vendor, always come first.”

Diverse Offerings in the Reaura Collection

The repurposed 14K gold collection comprises 34 distinct styles available both in-store and on KAY.com. The range encompasses a variety of jewelry pieces such as earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces, all exuding timeless elegance.

KAY’s Commitment to Responsible Sourcing

KAY’s dedication to ethical sourcing was recently highlighted with the unveiling of the ‘KAY Promise’. This initiative transparently communicates to customers the rigorous steps taken by KAY and its trusted partners, ensuring that their jewelry, including diamonds and lab-grown diamonds, undergoes responsible sourcing from origin to market. Further insights on this commitment can be accessed on KAY.com.

Collection Specifics

For those keen on sustainable jewelry, the Reaura Collection predominantly showcases repurposed yellow 14K gold, bridging the gap between ethical choices and luxurious aesthetics.

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