Kaladana : Chemical Constituents, Uses and Synonyms

Source and Distribution of Kaladana:

Kaladana consists of dried seeds of Ipomoea hederaceae belonging to the family Convolvulaceae. They are also known as pharbitis seeds and kaladana seeds.

Ipomoea hederaceae

Ipomoea hederaceae (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kaladana is of American origin and is found in tropical and subtropical regions. It is also found in India. It is found in Himalayas and Bihar. This white flowered plant is found as weed in sugar-cane. The seed is triangular in shape and has sweetish and acrid taste.

Chemical constituents of Kaladana:

It contains a cathartic resin, pharbiticin and fixed oil, mucilaginous glycoside called as saponin and resinous substances.

Kaladana Uses:

It is used as cathartic. In excessive doses, it causes irritation to small and large intestine.

Synonyms of Kaladana:

  • Bengali – Kaladana
  • Gujrati – Kaladana
  • Hindi – Nilkanal
  • Marathi – Nilpushpi
  • Sanskrit – Krishnabji
  • Tamil – Sirikki
  • Telugu – Jirikki
  • German – Nilwind
  • French – Etoileda matin
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