Judicial relief for Chandrababu Naidu with court-ordered bail over health concerns


The Andhra Pradesh High Court has granted interim bail to Telugu Desam Party chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday. The bail, set till November 28, is based on medical and health grounds within the ongoing AP Skill Development Corporation corruption case.

Bail Granted Amidst Health Concerns

Justice Mallikarjuna Rao of the single-judge bench ordered the interim bail on Tuesday. During the proceedings, Additional Advocate General Ponnavolu Sudhakar represented the AP CID, while Naidu’s defense was led by senior counsels Siddartha Luthra and Dammalapati Srinivas. The court emphasized the significance of health and well-being of an individual, stating, “It is important to recognize that custody during the investigative phase should not be perceived as punitive. Every individual has the inherent right to receive comprehensive and effective medical care.”

Former AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu Receives Bail for Health Reasons Amid Corruption Case

Former AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu Receives Bail for Health Reasons Amid Corruption Case. Photo courtesy of Hemshah171095/Wikimedia Commons.

Court’s Rationale and Conditions for Bail

Furthering its decision, the court noted, “There is no remote possibility that the petitioner would evade the judicial process or pose a flight risk.” The interim bail is specifically to allow Naidu to undergo medical examination and treatment for cataract surgery. However, the court imposed conditions for the bail: Naidu must furnish a bail bond of ₹1 lakh with two sureties, undergo treatment at his expense, report the treatment details to the superintendent of the Central Prison upon surrender, and must not influence any witnesses.

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Opposing Arguments and Health Details

Naidu’s counsel argued that the 73-year-old, in judicial custody since September 10, faced medical care challenges in prison, exacerbating his health conditions, including diabetes and heart issues. Meanwhile, representing the AP CID, Sudhakar contended that Naidu’s health was stable and there was no compelling reason for granting interim bail, noting his medical care within the prison and increased weight. The court, however, stood by its decision, prioritizing health considerations and ordered Naidu to surrender before November 28 at 5 pm.

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