JSW Steel first to receive GreenPro Ecolabel for ‘Automotive Steel’


JSW Steel, an Indian steel manufacturer, said that it has become the first manufacturer to receive the GreenPro ecolabel for its ‘Automotive Steel’ products.

The GreenPro ecolabel, developed by the Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CII) Green Business Centre, serves as a recognition of the highest standards of environmental sustainability and product performance within the Indian manufacturing sector.

The rigorous assessment process and stringent criteria set by the GreenPro certification were met by JSW Steel Vijayanagar’s ‘Automotive Steel’ products. This exceptional accomplishment underscores JSW Steel’s unwavering commitment to delivering superior-quality, sustainable steel solutions to the automotive industry.

The GreenPro ecolabel signifies that JSW Steel’s products are manufactured with meticulous attention to their environmental impact throughout their entire lifecycle, encompassing areas such as raw material sourcing, production processes, energy consumption, and end-of-life management.

JSW Steel becomes first manufacturer to receive GreenPro Ecolabel for 'Automotive Steel' products

JSW Steel becomes first manufacturer to receive GreenPro Ecolabel for ‘Automotive Steel’ products. Photo courtesy of JSW Steel Limited/Wikipedia.org.

K S Venkatagiri, Executive Director of CII Green Business Center and Chairman of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) highlighted the Indian Automobile Industry’s aim to reduce its carbon footprint and achieve Net Zero in the near future. He emphasized that JSW’s initiative to manufacture green and low-carbon automotive steel products will play a pivotal role in supporting the Indian Automobile Industry’s journey towards “Net Zero.”

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The path to obtaining the GreenPro certification for JSW Steel was reinforced by the company’s active involvement in the development of the GreenPro Automotive Steel standards. Under the chairmanship of Devasish Mishra, Executive Vice President – PDQC and TE, JSW Steel played a vital role in the committee responsible for formulating the stringent criteria and guidelines for the Automotive Steel segment.

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This active participation showcases JSW Steel’s thought leadership and unwavering dedication to driving sustainable practices within the industry.

The GreenPro ecolabel for JSW Steel’s ‘Automotive Steel’ products will facilitate informed decision-making for automotive manufacturers, promoting the adoption of sustainable materials throughout their supply chains. By selecting JSW Steel’s certified products, automotive manufacturers can enhance the overall sustainability of their operations and contribute to a greener future.

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JSW Steel’s attainment of the GreenPro ecolabel further solidifies its position as a frontrunner in the steel industry’s sustainability initiatives. The company remains resolute in its commitment to pursuing innovative solutions and continuously improving its environmental performance across all facets of its operations.

Jayant Acharya — JSW Steel JMD and CEO said: “We are honored to be recognized as the first manufacturer to achieve the GreenPro ecolabel for our ‘Automotive Steel’ products. At JSW Steel, sustainability is at the core of our business strategy, and this recognition further strengthens our commitment towards environmental responsibility.

“We have invested significant resources in developing innovative processes and technologies to minimize our ecological footprint while ensuring superior product quality.”

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