Jaishankar predicts historic BJP victory: Claims Congress manifesto will be “just a piece of paper”


With the Lok Sabha elections on the horizon, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar has sparked a sensation by declaring the Congress party’s election manifesto a non-factor, anticipating a monumental victory for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). During a press interaction, Jaishankar confidently stated that the manifesto would become “just a piece of paper” post-elections, asserting that the BJP’s success would render it obsolete.

Addressing concerns about potential constitutional changes if BJP secures more than 400 seats, Jaishankar expressed joy over Congress’s concession to BJP’s potential to surpass this threshold. He envisioned a government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that would utilize its strong mandate to advance national development. “When you see Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government at above 400 seats, you will see that we are doing more service towards the people of India,” he remarked.

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The discussion also turned personal when Jaishankar criticized Rahul Gandhi for undermining former PM Manmohan Singh, suggesting a misalignment in Congress’s respect for leadership, shaped by familial politics. He highlighted Modi’s role as a continuation of a legacy of leadership from Jawaharlal Nehru to the present, emphasizing a stable governance model under BJP’s stewardship.

Further cementing his claims, Jaishankar shared insights into the BJP’s optimistic projections in southern India. With a strong presence in Karnataka and growing influence in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Telangana, he stressed that the BJP’s decade-long governance has laid a robust foundation for future mega-projects. The minister credited the party’s tangible deliverables in infrastructure, education, and basic utilities as the bedrock of their electoral appeal in these regions.

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The anticipation of a dominant BJP victory is grounded in strategic electoral positioning and a track record of governance. Jaishankar’s remarks encapsulate a broader narrative of political confidence and a vision for continuity and growth, which may resonate well with the electorate seeking stability and progress.

As the countdown to the Lok Sabha elections begins, the BJP appears strategically positioned to not only counter opposition narratives but also to potentially secure a historic mandate that could redefine the political landscape of India. The party’s focus on past achievements and future promises is a tactical move designed to consolidate support across diverse voter demographics, particularly in regions historically less favorable to them. Whether these projections will materialize remains to be seen, but the political discourse is undoubtedly set for a dramatic election season.

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