Jaguar Exploración y Producción to use Emerson E&P software solutions

Emerson said that Jaguar Exploración y Producción, a Mexican oil and gas company, will employ its exploration and production (E&P) software and services to maximize the potential of its onshore assets and projects.

The Mexican oil and gas company intends to use Emerson’s E&P software solutions for seismic and well data analysis, petrophysical analysis and subsurface modeling, multi-survey seismic and geologic interpretation, to boost performance, improve operational certainty, and for effective asset management.

Victor Vega – Jaguar Exploración y Producción executive vice president said: “Emerson is a leader in the space and a good long-term partner who will help Jaguar transform Mexico’s energy future.”

Jaguar Exploración y Producción secured 11 of the 24 blocks offered during the six and seventh auctions taken up by the Mexican government ever since it opened the country’s energy industry in 2013 to private competition.

Jaguar Exploración y Producción to use Emerson E&P software solutions

Jaguar Exploración y Producción to use Emerson E&P software solutions. Photo courtesy of Emerson.

Emerson’s E&P software will be used by the Mexican oil and gas company for protecting its investment in Mexico by bringing down uncertainty in its exploration projects and development fields. Jaguar Exploración y Producción had also selected Emerson to provide hosting services so that its exploration and production team can remotely access to all Emerson applications from differen geographic locations using the internet.

Kurt Machnizh – Emerson Mexico country manager, E&P software solutions said: “We have had a long and rewarding working relationship with Jaguar.

“We are pleased and proud to receive this endorsement as a testimony to the value of our software, the comprehensiveness of our geoscience services, and the flexibility of our hosted environment.”

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