IoT firm Constellation Technologies signs agreements with Fujitsu and QTEQ

Constellation Technologies Limited (CT1), an Australian Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company, has signed two separate agreements with Fujitsu Australia and QTEQ.

For Fujitsu Australia and its clients, Constellation Technologies will provide its complete suite of services under a master services agreement (MSA).

Constellation Technologies said that Fujitsu has a robust deployment capability in the technology market, which enables it to bag and wrap up large-scale projects in the area of Smart Cities.

The company will work with the Japanese IT company under the agreement to design IoT solutions which will include customized sensors, software builds, as well as integrations.

Each of the IoT solutions delivered by Constellation Technologies to Fujitsu’s end-clients is powered by its proprietary IoT platform – the MeridianCT (MCT) platform.

Under the MSA, the Company will directly sell MCT licences to the end-clients and subcontract to Fujitsu for development services.

The agreement covers the supply of IoT hardware and software development with Fujitsu Australia for at least three years. Constellation Technologies said that it will licence its MCT Platform direct to Fujitsu’s end-clients.

IoT firm Constellation Technologies signs agreements with Fujitsu and QTEQ

IoT firm Constellation Technologies signs agreements with Fujitsu and QTEQ. Image courtesy of Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

Constellation Technologies said that it has been issued its first purchase order from the Japanese firm for an initial quantity of smart drain sensors, which will be deployed by one of the leading infrastructure asset management groups in Australia, as part of a consortium of technology providers.

The IoT solutions provider said that smart drains are likely to be a common element in Smart City initiatives. Sensors are deployed as part of smart drains for remote monitoring for blockages, thereby delivering maintenance efficiencies and avoiding hazards.

Kartheek Munigoti – Constellation Technologies CEO said: “Being admitted as a supplier to one of the world’s largest technology companies is a major testament in our ability to support major IoT projects and paves the way for the scaling of our commercial endeavours.

“Under this MSA, we anticipate delivering a range of novel IoT projects at scale through pairing our technologies with Fujitsu’s commercial and deployment reach”.

Constellation Technologies said that it had also made its first licence sale in Australia of its proprietary MCT Platform to QTEQ for at least three years. The MCT platform will be used by QTEQ for disaster mitigation.

Based in Brisbane, QTEQ offers insights from a network of smart sentinel systems and IoT devices to deliver data in real-time to client portals and public facing websites apart from automated safety responses.

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