Intellect Design Arena launches Cloud for Canadian financial sector


Intellect Design Arena Ltd, a leading provider of cloud-agnostic, future-ready financial technology solutions, has announced the launch of its Canada Cloud for Banks and Credit Unions. This innovative suite encompasses a range of products, including Digital Engagement, Liquidity Management, Virtual Accounts, and Core Banking functionalities with integrated AI. This launch marks a significant enhancement in digital financial services, tailored to meet the growing demands of Canadian financial institutions.

Unveiling the Cloud

Intellect Design Arena’s Cloud is engineered to cater to the diverse needs of Canada’s financial sector, offering solutions that are already operational or ready for deployment with Canadian customers. The platform’s design focuses on connected ecosystems, enabling banks and credit unions to collaborate seamlessly with fintech companies and expedite the launch of innovative products.

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Driving Innovation and Efficiency

The Cloud aims to facilitate deposit growth, ensure compliance with regulatory and industry standards, and enhance operational efficiencies. It serves as a comprehensive Open Finance Platform, featuring 329 microservices, 535 events, and over 1757 APIs, making it one of the most extensive offerings in the market.

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The launch also introduces the ‘ Experience Zone’—a unique cloud service where banking professionals can experience Intellect’s technology firsthand. This zone allows users to interact with tools that manage and move money and engage digitally, all designed around Intellect’s foundational technologies of Contextual and Composable computing.

Arun Jain, Chairman and Managing Director of Intellect Design Arena, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “ is a groundbreaking suite designed on first principles thinking to simplify significantly the technology landscape for banks, credit unions, and insurance sectors. This platform not only supports the creation of customer-centric solutions but also moves away from traditional product-focused approaches.”

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The introduction of the Cloud in Canada by Intellect Design Arena represents a pivotal development in the FinTech landscape. By focusing on customer-centric solutions and enabling rapid product development, Intellect is positioning itself as a key player in the transformation of financial services in Canada.

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