Infosys to help Nu Skin Enterprises transform beauty and wellness sector


Infosys has entered into a collaboration with Nu Skin Enterprises, an American multilevel marketing company, to help the latter drive social commerce-led transformation in the beauty and wellness sector.

Nu Skin Enterprises will leverage the Infosys Equinox human-centric digital commerce platform for providing consumers and affiliates with engaging and innovative experiences.

The digital commerce platform will aim to help the beauty and wellness company exponentially scale its business model with social commerce-based capabilities.

Infosys Equinox will enable Nu Skin Enterprises to improve its focus on developing unique, customized, and innovative consumer engagement.

Infosys to help Nu Skin Enterprises transform beauty and wellness sector

Infosys to help Nu Skin Enterprises transform beauty and wellness sector. Photo courtesy of UtahStizzle/

Nu Skin Enterprises with the help of Infosys Equinox’s microservices-based, API-first and cloud-native design, will look to offer engaging shopping experiences across various touchpoints such as mobile apps, websites, and smart connected devices.

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Ryan Napierski — CEO of Nu Skin Enterprises said: “We look forward to our collaboration with Infosys to help transform our business and stay ahead of changing consumer behavior curves.

“We believe that Infosys can help us harness the right digital capabilities to reimagine how we connect with our customers and create a new industry paradigm for personalized beauty and wellness shopping experiences.”

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Furthermore, the Infosys Equinox digital commerce platform will bring a choice of digital advances to Nu Skin Enterprises. These include conversational commerce, voice commerce, and augmented reality, which if implemented will help the beauty and wellness company to engage with consumers via rich digital experiences, said Infosys.

Amit Kalley — CEO of Infosys Equinox said: “We are excited to partner with Nu Skin in their vision of transforming the beauty and wellness industry by creating personalized and socially-connected commerce experiences.

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“Infosys Equinox’s headless and cloud-native microservices will allow Nu Skin to compose unique and delightful digital journeys across ever evolving channels for their consumers across the globe.”

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