Infosys powers French Open 2021 with AI, immersive 3D, and digital platforms

Infosys is helping the French Tennis Federation introduce artificial intelligence (AI), immersive 3D, and digital platforms to transform how the action from the French Open or the Roland-Garros is seen by remote fans.

According to Infosys, fans, players, coaches, journalists, broadcasters, and tournament organizers will navigate the French Grand Slam in innovative ways by utilizing a new set of immersive and intelligent tools.

The French Open 2021 will also see leveraging of cloud solutions in addition to AI and 3D technologies for giving a new level of match viewing, training of players, tournament reporting, and editing of the broadcast. The latest edition of Roland-Garros will be played from 24 May 2021 to 13 June 2021.

A first-of-its-kind digital art museum will also be launched in order to celebrate the spirit and heritage of Roland-Garros, said Infosys.

Infosys powers French Open 2021 with AI, immersive 3D, and digital platforms

Infosys powers French Open 2021 with AI, immersive 3D, and digital platforms. Photo courtesy of Infosys Limited.

Pravin Rao – Chief Operating Officer of Infosys, says, “As the official Digital Innovation Partner for Roland-Garros, we have innovated to ensure the digital experiences we create are truly human experiences. This year, we are proud to have leveraged digital technologies in ways that truly immerse remote audiences into the full tournament experience.

“Through AI and 3D technologies we now have the potential to revolutionise the ways in which coaches and players train, and can ensure that fans, players, and coaches remain as close to the game as possible. We continue to find breakthroughs as we evolve the role of data, AI and digital in sport, and I look forward to what the future holds.”

For players, Infosys AI Videos have been improved with natural language search and other new cognitive capabilities. By querying the AI tool in English, the tennis stars can analyze their performance by getting insights to make better-informed decisions related to training and match strategy.

The Infosys AI feature in the official players portal will analyze positive elements of performance and also areas to focus on, while providing instant summaries for players, almost immediately after the match.

The tool is said to facilitate remote collaboration among the player and coaching community to improve communication and analysis.

For fans of the French Open, the real views and sounds from the tournament have been integrated with Infosys’ data and insights capabilities to allow them to follow the game and simultaneously analyze it.

The Infosys Match Centre is available in an immersive 3D format with courtside views that are driven by data. The Match Centre in the Roland-Garros app, on the other hand, will give a mobile-first data visualization experience.

The app will make commentary and insights through AI-powered voice assistants available to fans via smart home devices. These include access to the French Open 2021 match schedules, event podcasts, live radio broadcasts, and a summary of the day’s events.

Amélie Oudéa-Castera – CEO of French Tennis Federation (FFT) said: “This is our second year impacted by the challenges of the pandemic and social distancing, but partnering with Infosys we have set a gold standard for other sporting organizations navigating a disrupted season, and looking to bridge the gap between players, coaches and fans across the world.

“The innovations we have created are leading the way in establishing a long-term immersive and digital standard for sporting tournaments.”

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