Infosys Foundation enhances cybercrime investigation with Rs 33cr grant to Karnataka Police


Infosys Foundation, the philanthropic and CSR arm of Infosys, has announced a substantial commitment of over INR 33 crore to enhance the cybercrime investigation capabilities of the Karnataka police. This funding is part of a renewed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Karnataka and the Data Security Council of India (DSCI). The collaboration, first established in 2018, will continue for four more years at the Centre for Cyber Crime Investigation Training & Research (CCITR) located at CID Headquarters in Bengaluru.

The renewed MoU aims to bolster the cybercrime prosecution abilities of the state police through focused training and research in digital forensics and cybercrime investigations. This initiative is critical as cyber threats become increasingly complex and frequent. Dr. M A Saleem, IPS, Director General of Police, CID, Economic Offences & Special Units, Karnataka, emphasized the importance of this partnership: “The strategic initiatives for capacity enhancement undertaken by the Criminal Investigation Department of Karnataka have been substantially bolstered by the collaborative efforts with the Infosys Foundation and the Data Security Council of India.”

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The partnership also aims to foster entrepreneurship in the development of indigenous cyber forensics products and solutions, and it includes training and certification for police staff in areas such as cybercrimes and digital forensics. Furthermore, the initiative will collaborate with national and international organizations working in digital forensics domains, enhancing global knowledge exchange and technical expertise.

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This initiative is a prime example of effective public-private partnerships in addressing cybersecurity challenges. Mr. Vinayak Godse, CEO of the Data Security Council of India, highlighted the achievements and future potential of this collaboration: “This renewed collaboration will enable us to develop even more advanced training programs, workshops, and knowledge-sharing initiatives, setting an excellent example of how public-private partnerships can effectively contribute to handling cybercrime threats.”

Sunil Kumar Dhareshwar, Trustee of the Infosys Foundation, also expressed satisfaction with the progress and impact of the partnership: “With the digital landscape evolving every day, this renewed engagement will bring in newer dimensions to Karnataka Police’s cybercrime handling capabilities through innovative solutions.”

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The Infosys Foundation’s renewed commitment to the CCITR signifies a strategic step forward in enhancing the cybercrime fighting capabilities of Karnataka. By investing in training, research, and collaboration, the foundation and its partners are setting a robust framework to tackle the growing menace of cybercrimes, ensuring a safer digital environment for the future.

The continued investment by the Infosys Foundation in cybercrime investigation underscores the critical need for up-to-date training and resources in the fight against digital crimes. This collaboration not only enhances the technical skills of the Karnataka police but also strengthens the overall security infrastructure, making it a model for future public-private partnerships in cybersecurity.

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