Infosys, BP partner on energy as a service solution for cities and campuses

Indian IT company Infosys is partnering with oil and gas giant BP to develop and trial an energy as a service (EaaS) solution aimed at enabling businesses to enhance the energy efficiency of infrastructure, and help achieve their decarbonization targets.

The partners will look to develop a digital platform for gathering data from various energy sources and employ artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the demand and supply of energy for power, heat, cooling, and charging for electric vehicles (EVs).

Sashi Mukundan — President, bp India and Senior Vice President, bp Group, said: “At bp, we set out to provide solutions to enable cities and hard to abate industries decarbonize. Integrating advances in energy, mobility and digital technologies and services has huge potential to accelerate the progress towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

“By bringing together our complementary capabilities, products, and services from bp’s different joint ventures in India, bp and Infosys can help each other – and our customers – achieve energy and sustainability goals faster.”

Infosys, BP partner on energy as a service solution for cities and campuses

Infosys, BP partner on energy as a service solution for cities and campuses. Photo courtesy of Binoyjsdk/

Infosys and BP will be testing the platform at the Infosys Pune Development Center in an environment that is modeled after a small city, where energy is generated, stored as well as consumed at various points.

After the pilot is successful, the partners will aim to implement the model across other campuses of Infosys in India as well as with a few clients to help in energy management and in lowering emissions.

Additionally, Infosys and BP will work together in integrating solar energy generation into the energy system of the campuses. The energy produced through the integration will be monitored and streamlined via the digital platform.

According to Infosys, the energy can be either stored or redirected for the power supply of the building as well as cooling and heating systems and to an electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Pravin Rao — Chief Operating Officer of Infosys said: “Infosys shares bp’s ambitions for a net zero carbon future. Our collaboration with bp further strengthens our long-standing commitment towards sustainability and supports our ambitious ESG goals.

“We will now bring together the best of digital technologies – advanced AI, connected digital systems, experience design, analytics – and decarbonization to create an integrated energy and mobility offering. Together, bp and Infosys can create compelling and sustainable value for our customers globally.”

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