Infinium secures CO2 supply from Kinetik for electrofuels production


In a landmark move for sustainable energy, Infinium has finalized a deal with a subsidiary of Kinetik Holdings Inc. (NYSE: KNTK) to acquire carbon dioxide (CO2) for the production of ultra-low carbon electrofuels, or eFuels. This CO2 will be captured from Kinetik’s gas gathering and processing operations in the Permian Basin and utilized in Infinium’s innovative eFuels production process, which combines waste CO2 with green hydrogen derived from renewable power sources.

The collaboration is noted for its long-term commitment and wide-reaching implications for decarbonization, especially in the transportation sector. This agreement serves as a model for the industry, demonstrating innovative ways to contract and repurpose waste streams like CO2 into beneficial solutions that can significantly reduce carbon footprints.

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Infinium’s CEO, Robert Schuetzle, emphasized the mutual benefits of this partnership, stating, “It’s great to welcome Kinetik into our community of companies seeking beneficial reuse solutions for its CO2. The agreement demonstrates major progress and shows Kinetik’s leadership relative to the existing traditional oil and gas sector’s carbon emissions strategies.”

As part of the agreement, Kinetik will provide CO2 from its amine gas processing facilities in West Texas for use at Infinium’s upcoming Project Roadrunner. This project aims to produce Infinium eSAF, a sustainable aviation fuel that could greatly reduce the lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions associated with air transportation. Project Roadrunner marks a significant step in the deployment of eFuels in both U.S. and international markets.

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Kinetik’s President and CEO, Jamie Welch, shared his enthusiasm: “Our partnership with Infinium reinforces Kinetik’s commitment to sustainability and our role as an agent for change. I am excited to announce our participation in Project Roadrunner and strongly support Infinium’s mission to significantly reduce carbon emissions.”

Infinium has also secured a $75 million equity commitment from Breakthrough Energy Catalyst, a Bill Gates-founded platform that supports emerging climate technologies. American Airlines has been announced as the first offtake partner for the eSAF produced at Project Roadrunner, highlighting the role of innovative agreements in supporting decarbonization across various industries.

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Infinium operates the world’s first commercial scale eFuels facility in Corpus Christi, Texas, and is developing over a dozen similar projects globally, underscoring its leadership and commitment to advancing low-carbon technologies.

This strategic alliance not only underscores the potential of eFuels to transform energy production but also serves as a blueprint for future industry-wide collaborations aimed at combating climate change.

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