IBM partners with Indian Bank for digital transformation in banking sector


IBM has announced a key collaboration with Indian Bank, one of India’s premier public sector banks, to accelerate the bank’s digital modernization. With a focus on flexible and secure computing infrastructure, IBM will help Indian Bank deploy cutting-edge front-end banking applications and enhance its Core Banking Solution (CBS) workloads.

Streamlining Banking Operations with Project PARADISE

As part of Indian Bank’s Project PARADISE, IBM aims to consolidate the bank’s Front Branch Servers for optimized manageability and availability at both Data Centers (DC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) centers. To achieve this, IBM’s latest generation of Power servers will host the CBS workloads. Indian Bank operates with 5,798 branches and serves over 100 million customers both in India and abroad.

IBM partners with Indian Bank for digital transformation in banking sector

IBM partners with Indian Bank for digital transformation in banking sector. Photo courtesy of Pselvaganapathy/Wikimedia Commons.

Building a Cloud-Like Model for Enhanced Agility

Deepak Sarda, Chief General Manager – IT and Partnership at Indian Bank, highlighted the benefits of the IBM partnership: “With better flexibility, lower costs, and enhanced security, we are creating a value-oriented solution by setting up a proactive and cloud-like model for the bank. The technology-based gains will empower us to deliver exceptional customer experiences while ensuring the highest level of data protection.”

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IBM’s Hybrid Cloud Approach for Indian Bank

To meet the bank’s digital infrastructure needs, IBM proposed a hybrid cloud approach for all AIX workloads. It will also provide Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) capabilities, thereby enabling agility and cost-efficiency. This model integrates both capital expenditures (Capex) and operational expenditures (Opex), allowing Indian Bank to operate in a pay-as-you-grow manner. Viswanath Ramaswamy, Vice President of Technology at IBM India & South Asia, emphasized the competitive advantage that digital modernization can offer in today’s fast-evolving banking sector.

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Advancements in Security and Virtualization Management

Indian Bank is also leveraging IBM’s PowerSC for enhanced support in compliance audits across all AIX endpoints. Additionally, IBM’s PowerVC has been deployed for better virtualization management and dynamic resource optimization. By employing Power Enterprise Pools, Indian Bank can more efficiently utilize computing resources across its data centers, thereby reducing total cost of ownership.

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Offering Uninterrupted Customer Service

The partnership enables Indian Bank to consolidate its front-end branch servers, thereby improving manageability and availability at its Chennai and Mumbai data centers. With features like virtual machine replication and a self-service portal, IBM’s cloud environment ensures uninterrupted service for Indian Bank’s expansive customer base.

By aligning with IBM, Indian Bank not only reinforces its commitment to digital transformation but also positions itself as a front-runner in leveraging technology for scalable and secure banking solutions.

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