ID Dataweb expands partnership with IBM to enhance identity verification solutions


ID Dataweb, a leader in cross-channel identity verification, has announced an expanded collaboration with IBM (NYSE: IBM), aimed at integrating ID Dataweb’s advanced identity verification workflows into IBM Security Verify. This strategic enhancement is set to provide organizations with seamless ways to confirm user identities within existing digital workflows, ensuring that credentials are securely managed and utilized.

Enhanced Security and User Accessibility

Through this partnership, ID Dataweb and IBM are combining their industry-leading solutions to offer a more integrated and secure experience for users. According to Matt Cochran, COO of ID Dataweb, “IBM Security Verify offers its users easy access to needed systems while securing sensitive applications behind a tight lock. Our identity verification workflows then ensure that the key is given only to the correct users.” This integration not only simplifies access to systems but also fortifies the security measures protecting sensitive applications.

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Milan Patel, Senior Product Manager at IBM Security Verify, highlighted the benefits of leveraging ID Dataweb’s capabilities, stating, “By leveraging ID Dataweb with IBM Security Verify, our joint customers can orchestrate valuable identity verification capabilities – including helping to streamline fraud prevention. We look forward to leveraging the ID Dataweb platform to create even more advanced functionality for organizations as our decentralized identity and verifiable credentials capabilities orchestrate portable, verified, and user-centric identity.”

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Key Features of the Integration

The collaboration brings several key enhancements to digital identity verification:

– Pre-built Templates: Administrators can use these to create identity-proofing journeys tailored to specific security and user experience needs.

– Orchestration Tools: These tools enable security architects and administrators to easily manage the identity verification process, including password resets, multi-factor authentication evaluations, and new account creations.

– Certified Identity-Proofing Workflows: ID Dataweb’s workflows are IAL 2 certified and are designed to be flexible enough to provide the seamless digital experience that customers expect. They play a crucial role in preventing Account Takeover (ATO) and Account Opening fraud by ensuring that the digital user is the expected person.

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Impact on the Industry and Future Outlook

The integration of ID Dataweb’s identity verification solutions with IBM Security Verify is expected to set new standards in the cybersecurity landscape, enhancing the way organizations manage and secure user identities. This partnership is poised to drive significant advancements in digital security, offering robust protections against identity fraud while improving the overall user experience.

This enhanced collaboration between ID Dataweb and IBM exemplifies the continuous evolution in digital identity security, providing a blueprint for future innovations in the field.

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