Hitachi Energy to supply HVDC technology for Australia’s major grid connection project


Hitachi Energy has been selected by Marinus Link Pty Ltd (MLPL) to provide critical high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology for a key infrastructural link between mainland Australia and Tasmania. This project, significant in national scope, aims to enhance the renewable energy sharing capabilities between Victoria and Tasmania through a 345-kilometer HVDC system.

The implementation of this system marks the first use of advanced converter technology in Australia, stabilizing and integrating increasing amounts of renewable energy into the power grid. The HVDC system will facilitate the two-way flow of renewable power, enabling Tasmania to import excess solar and wind energy from Victoria while offering storage capabilities for this surplus energy. This effectively allows Tasmania to act like a giant battery for the mainland, releasing clean hydroelectric power back to Victoria when it is most needed.

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Enhancing Grid Security and Efficiency

Niklas Persson, Managing Director of Grid Integration at Hitachi Energy, highlighted the transformative impact of HVDC technology on Australia’s energy landscape, noting that it enhances the stability and efficiency of electricity transmission over long distances. “As Australia rapidly transforms its grid to support more clean energy sources, we are proud that our HVDC technology will help transmit large amounts of electricity with higher stability and lower electrical losses,” Persson said.

The project will utilize Hitachi Energy’s HVDC Light voltage source converter stations to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) and vice versa, optimizing the efficiency of long-distance power transmission.

Strategic National Importance

Upon completion, Marinus Link will boast a total capacity of 1,500 megawatts (MW), sufficient to power approximately 1.5 million Australian homes. This initiative is aligned with Australia’s commitment to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050 and will contribute significantly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, with projections indicating a reduction of up to 140 million tons of CO2 equivalent by 2050.

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Marinus Link is recognized as a project of national importance under the Australian Government’s Rewiring the Nation Plan and is deemed urgent by the Australian Energy Market Operator’s national energy strategy. The recent joint ownership agreement between the Australian, Tasmanian, and Victorian governments underscores the project’s critical role in the national transmission network, ensuring enhanced security and reliability of power supply amidst Australia’s shift to renewable energy.

Broad Impact and Future Outlook

The project not only represents a technological leap in how renewable energy is shared and stored but also holds substantial economic and environmental benefits. It is set to create significant job opportunities, support local businesses, and bolster economic growth through increased renewable energy usage and reduced reliance on traditional coal-powered generation.

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Caroline Wykamp, CEO of Marinus Link Pty Ltd, expressed optimism about the project’s progress, stating, “Today, we have taken another firm step towards project execution. With our essential HVDC systems secured, Marinus Link is poised for delivery by the end of the decade.”

Hitachi Energy’s pioneering role in HVDC technology and its extensive experience in delivering large-scale energy projects globally further assure the successful implementation and operation of this landmark infrastructure project.

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