Health benefits of orange peel | Orange peel benefits for health


Oranges are one of the most eating fruits of the citrus family all over the world. The refreshing tanginess of the oranges has many amazing orange peel health benefits.

Oranges are good for skin, weight loss and improve the immunity. As oranges are rich in Vitamin C and other essential plant compounds, the peel which we think as waste also contains essential nutrients.

Orange peels are a rich source of vitamin C, folate, fiber, vitamin B6 and many other essential nutrients. Orange peel contains a large number of polyphenols that give resistance against many diseases.

Citrus Fruits

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Limonene is present in orange peel and it shows anti-cancerous properties. The essential oil present in the peel is anti-inflammatory and also boosts your immune system.

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Things to watch out before consuming an orange peel

Select juicy and fresh oranges and mostly organic ones. Wash the fruits properly with hot water to make it free of harmful pesticides before eating. Orange peel is hard and you may face discomfort while eating and to digest it.

Below are the ways on how to add orange peel to your diet:

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Orange peel can be consumed directly by cutting it into tiny pieces. As it is bitter in taste, you can add some seasoning or add it to salad or sandwich. Some of the orange peel strips can be added to smoothies and shakes.

The best and the easy way to consume orange peel is in cooked form. You can prepare orange zest or marmalade and eat it to get all the nutritional benefits.

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