Golfzon Social unveils new high-tech venue in Brooklyn to elevate local entertainment options


Golfzon Social, a collaboration between global golf simulator leader Golfzon and hospitality giant Troon, has opened a new venue in Brooklyn, New York. This latest addition to the Golfzon Social lineup represents a $330 million investment into an 18,000-square-foot space at the base of 11 Hoyt Street. The venue features 16 state-of-the-art simulators, offering golf enthusiasts and newcomers alike the chance to play on 240 of the world’s most famous courses, such as St. Andrews and Pebble Beach.

A Venue for All: Golfers and Non-Golfers Welcome

Designed to appeal to both golfers and non-golfers, Golfzon Social Brooklyn offers an energetic, yet comfortable atmosphere. Local Brooklyn artists have adorned the venue with striking murals, creating a vibrant backdrop for the elevated chef-driven menu and hand-crafted cocktails provided by Troon’s RealFood Hospitality, Strategy & Design. The venue is equipped with industry-leading audio-visual design, making it a prime location for sports fans, food enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a fun outing in downtown Brooklyn.

Golfzon Social Opens Innovative Golf Venue in Brooklyn, Elevating Local Entertainment Options

Golfzon Social Opens Innovative Golf Venue in Brooklyn, Elevating Local Entertainment Options

Innovative Technology Meets Local Culture

The facility not only brings a unique entertainment option to the area but also integrates cutting-edge technology with local culture. Golfzon’s proprietary Two-Vision simulators offer an unparalleled realistic golfing experience with high-speed camera sensors and a 24-way directional moving swing plate that recreates true stand and lie conditions. This technology is complemented by an LED putting guide and a virtual caddie system, enhancing the overall player experience.

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Community Engagement and Expansion

In addition to providing a premier entertainment venue, Golfzon Social is actively engaging with the local community. A partnership with the NYC Department of Youth & Community Development includes a golf clinic pilot for students and families at the Ingersoll House Community Center, aiming to make golf accessible to all ages and skill levels in New York City.

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The introduction of Golfzon Social to Brooklyn is a significant development for the city’s entertainment and leisure sector. By combining high-tech golfing facilities with a strong focus on community and cultural integration, Golfzon Social is set to become a cornerstone of local recreation and tourism. This innovative approach not only enhances the appeal of Brooklyn as a destination but also sets a new standard for how sports and leisure facilities can contribute to community development and engagement.

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