GAIL (India) to foray into distributed LNG production business

GAIL (India) Limited has revealed plans to foray into distributed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) production with an objective to address the demand from off-grid locations and the transport sector.

In this connection, the Indian state-owned natural gas company has ordered a couple of small-scale liquefaction skids that can produce LNG on a pilot basis.

GAIL (India) plans to achieve liquefaction using proprietary technology-based mobile liquefaction skids.

GAIL (India) to foray into distributed LNG production business

GAIL (India) to foray into distributed LNG production business. Photo courtesy of Suresh Babunair/Wikimedia Commons.

The small-scale liquefaction skids will help in distributing natural gas via liquefaction in new city gas distribution (CGD) areas, gas liquefaction at isolated fields and will underpin establishing LNG fueling stations and bunkering.

GAIL (India) said that it will be the first of its kind in India to launch portable and scalable liquefaction units.

The company stated: “The project is envisaged to provide a thrust to Government of India’s focused initiatives to increase the share of Natural Gas in the primary energy basket. Further, GAIL is also under discussions for manufacturing liquefaction skids in India.”

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