Frederick Wildman to roll out Riunite Canned Sangrias in US

Frederick Wildman and Sons, a fine wines and spirits importer, and Italian wine brand Riunite will launch a new line of Canned Sangrias in the US this spring.

Riunite Canned Sangria will be rolled out nationwide starting from April 2020 and will be available in four-pack cases of 250ml cans, priced at $9.99.

The latest innovation of Riunite marks the foray of the Italian wine brand in the canned wine segment.

Riunite Italian wines in a variety of flavors have been imported and sold by the New York-based Frederick Wildman and Sons in the US.

According to Frederick Wildman and Sons, currently, 56% of the consumers prefer fizzy wines while 40% prefer fruity wines, which shows that fizzy and fruity beverages seem to be the current trend.

Riunite Canned Sangrias will be the first flavored wine offered by the Italian wine brand.

Riunite Canned Sangrias

Riunite Canned Sangrias. Photo courtesy of Business Wire.

The canned wine will come in both Red and White Sangria varieties. Riunite Red Sangria will have combined flavors and aromas of dark berries, strawberries, and peaches with a hint of citrus, while Riunite White Sangria has notes of white peach, citrus, and spice.

The two Canned Sangrias wines are said to contain real orange juice along with other natural flavors.

Derek Blackburn – SVP Marketing of Frederick Wildman and Sons said: “We are incredibly excited to bring Riunite’s Canned Sangrias to market. While it has been a beloved wine brand for decades, this innovative new line will give consumers even more reason to make Riunite part of the experiences that matter most to them.

“Delivering on the flavors that customers are looking for conveniently portable can packaging, Riunite Canned Sangrias make it easy to enjoy a refreshing, accessible beverage that fits effortlessly into any social calendar.”


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