ForDoz Pharma to manufacture LipoMedix’ oncology candidate Promitil


New Jersey-based ForDoz Pharma has signed an agreement with LipoMedix for manufacturing the latter’s lead compound – pegylated liposomal Promitil (PL-MLP) for a phase 2 clinical trial.

According to ForDoz Pharma, the liposomal formulation of Promitil is designed for selectively delivering the therapeutic agent to tissues affected by cancer and is suited ideally for cancer chemoradiotherapy.

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James He – founder and CEO of ForDoz Pharma said: “Our mission is to ultimately aid in the delivery of innovative medicines that will help people live longer and better lives.

“We are proud to partner with LipoMedix to help them develop and manufacture Promitil here in the United States.”

ForDoz Pharma to manufacture LipoMedix’ oncology candidate Promitil

ForDoz Pharma to manufacture LipoMedix’ oncology candidate Promitil. Photo courtesy of Adam Radosavljevic from Pixabay.

In studies, Promitil has been shown to be active against a wide range of cancer types in animal models, which include colorectal, pancreatic, gastric, and multi-drug resistant tumors.

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Dr. Alberto Gabizon – President and Chief Scientific Officer of LipoMedix said: “We continue to move full-steam ahead, knowing that the patients we can help with Promitil have been long awaiting a low-toxicity and effective treatment option.

“We are thinking long term when selecting our partnerships and look forward to partnering with ForDoz on the next phase of our journey to bring Promitil to those who need it most.”

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