Fluxys, OGE, and Wintershall Dea to establish CO2 corridor from Germany to Belgium


During the State Visit of the King and Queen of Belgium to Germany, a significant agreement was signed between Fluxys, OGE, and Wintershall Dea. This partnership aims to build a cross-border CO2 pipeline, marking a critical step in supporting the decarbonization of hard-to-abate industries in Germany.

Fluxys Belgium, OGE, and Wintershall Dea are collaborating on a visionary carbon capture, transport, and storage (CCS) project. Their plan involves transporting CO2 from Southern Germany’s industrial regions to Belgian CO2 export hubs, with eventual safe and permanent storage in the North Sea. This initiative reflects a united effort to address climate change and reduce carbon emissions effectively.

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The roles of the participating companies are clearly defined. Fluxys and OGE will develop the necessary pipeline infrastructure in Belgium and Germany, respectively. This development ensures a seamless and interoperable cross-border system. Wintershall Dea will focus on engaging customers in Southern Germany to design a network that meets regional needs.

Innovative CO2 Transport Pipeline Planned by Fluxys, OGE, and Wintershall Dea

Innovative CO2 Transport Pipeline Planned by Fluxys, OGE, and Wintershall Dea. Photo courtesy of Fluxys.

The strategic location of Fluxys’ CO2 infrastructure and exit hubs in Belgium presents an efficient solution to decarbonize industries in both Southern Germany and Belgium. The proximity to the border, combined with volume aggregation from both countries, is expected to yield competitive CO2 transmission prices.

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Mario Mehren, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Wintershall Dea, emphasizes the importance of decarbonizing Southern Germany’s robust industry to maintain competitiveness. The partnership with Fluxys and Open Grid Europe (OGE) is seen as pivotal in providing a reliable pathway for CO2 removal to offshore storage sites.

Dr. Jörg Bergmann, CEO of OGE, highlights the crucial role of carbon management and CO2 infrastructure in achieving successful energy transformation. OGE’s intensified cooperation with Fluxys and Wintershall Dea is seen as a valuable contribution to meeting climate targets and sustaining industrial value in Germany.

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Pascal De Buck, CEO of Fluxys, stresses the importance of strong partnerships in developing an open-access CO2 infrastructure. The collaboration with OGE and Wintershall Dea aims to accelerate the decarbonization process in Germany and beyond. Fluxys’ ambition is to offer the capacity for transporting 30 million tonnes of CO2 by 2030, thereby significantly contributing to the industry’s decarbonization while maintaining economic activity and employment.

This groundbreaking initiative by Fluxys, OGE, and Wintershall Dea represents a significant advancement in CCS technology, with the potential to make a substantial impact on reducing carbon emissions and achieving climate goals in Europe.

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