Five Reasons Why You Should Take Off Your Bra Before Sleeping

Did you ever wonder whether sleeping with your bra on can create problems for you? Then, you are right, experts are advising to take off bra before sleeping in the night as it has the potential to cause many health issues which we will be revealing the Five Reasons Why You Should Take Off Your Bra Before Sleeping!

While for some women, sleeping in bra can be uneasy but for some others, they believe that retaining it in the night stops the breasts from sagging by maintaining their shape.

However, several researchers opine that putting a bra on during a night sleep can potentially lead to breast cancer. Another set of researchers believe that by putting on a bra in a night sleep can slow down the breast sagging process which happens naturally with ageing.

Let’s Check Out Whether Wearing a Bra During Sleep can Harm the Health Of Breasts:

Bra can Affect Blood Flow in Breasts

Bras, in particular the underwire bras are known to affect blood circulation in breasts. This is so, because the wire present in the underwire bras tightens the muscles surrounding the breasts, thereby impacting the nervous system.

Apart from that other bra types which are too tight can damage the breast tissue. It is therefore, important to take off you bra before sleeping.

A woman sleeping with her bra on

A woman sleeping with her bra on. Photo courtesy of adamr/

Irritation Caused by Bra on Skin

A major problem when you have your bra on while sleeping is that there is a high probability of protrusion caused by the bra hooks and straps into the skin which can lead to skin irritation.

Researchers also say that wearing bra for a longer time than needed can result in lesions and cysts. Whenever you feel the slightest hint of any discomfort around the breast region, then it is suggested to remove your bra immediately.

Leaving Bra on Breasts in Night Sleep can Help Fungus Growth

When you don’t remove your bra before heading to sleep, remember that you are risking the growth of fungus around your breasts because of the moisture created by the bra as it prevents direct air flow.

It is therefore recommended to remove your bra before sleeping to allow your breasts to get natural fresh air.

Bras can Disturb Your Sleep

It is not uncommon to feel uneasy when sleeping with a bra on, especially if its material is not so good. To avoid this discomfort and have an uninterrupted sleep, it is recommended not to wear a bra while sleeping.

Potential Damage Bra can Have on the Skin

Although most bras are well-fitted, wearing them for prolonged periods may lead to various skin issues such as pigmentation, dark spots, discolouration, as well as skin rashes around the breast region.

Looking at all the adverse effects a bra can have during a night sleep on breast health, it is important to remove it before heading to bed. If you are worried about breast sagging, then there are other methods to delay it like exercising and massaging to help you in retaining firm and toned shape. However, don’t depend on wearing a bra round-the-clock for that!

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