Extract from Broccoli may become secret cure for diabetes

In a report from Daily Mail, it is reported that a compound present in Broccoli extract can become a secret cure for diabetes for controlling blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

If diabetic patients consume broccoli in the form of juice, it can help stop type 2 diabetes.

The existing drug treatments are having issues at present, one issue is with blood-sugar lowering drug, Metformin as it affects the kidneys of 15% of diabetics who are taking this drug.

broccoli for diabetes treatment

broccoli for diabetes treatment

Sulforaphane is the compound present in broccoli with very few side effects which has the potential to become a vital compliment to the existing diabetes treatment options for type 2 diabetes. This was reported by Professor Anders Rosengren of Lund University Diabetes Centre.

Sulforaphane also shows tremendous effect and works wonders in obese patients with type 2 diabetes and also people with pre-diabetes.

Rosengren suggested that one has to change their lifestyle as it will the important therapy for type 2 diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes has become a worldwide epidemic and more than 300 million people have diabetes globally.

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