Enevate and CustomCells forge pioneering battery technology partnership


Enevate, a leader in battery innovation for electric vehicles (EVs) and other markets, has recently unveiled a significant production license agreement with CustomCells, a renowned German battery cell manufacturer. This collaboration is set to commercialize and scale-up Enevate’s innovative silicon-dominant XFC-Energy battery technology, propelling advancements in transportation, mobility, and various product applications.

CustomCells: A Catalyst for Global Battery Manufacturing

CustomCells, positioned at the forefront of application-specific battery cell development and manufacturing, is a pivotal force in the mobility sector. Known for its supply to six of the world’s top ten automakers and leading German automotive suppliers, CustomCells is expanding its global manufacturing footprint. The company’s plans include multi-site production in GWh capacity, catering to diverse applications, underpinned by flexible manufacturing concepts and state-of-the-art facilities.

Enevate Announces Groundbreaking Battery Tech License Agreement with CustomCells

Enevate Announces Groundbreaking Battery Tech License Agreement with CustomCells

Enevate’s Tech Meets CustomCells’ Manufacturing Prowess

The partnership marks a critical step in Enevate’s journey towards commercialization. CustomCells has already developed cells using Enevate’s silicon-dominant technology and jointly engaged with leading OEMs in the e-mobility sector. This alliance is a testament to the companies’ shared vision and technological synergy.

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Revolutionizing EV Batteries with Fast-Charging, High-Density Technology

Enevate’s breakthrough technology offers up to 10 times faster charging than traditional lithium-ion batteries, coupled with high energy density and multiple benefits. These include improved safety, low-temperature operation, cost-effectiveness, and a reduced carbon footprint. Compatible with existing battery manufacturing equipment, Enevate’s technology does not require new capital-intensive production processes or pre-lithiation.

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A Milestone Partnership for Enevate and CustomCells

Dirk Abendroth, CEO of CustomCells, highlights the partnership’s significance in advancing high-silicon anode technology. Enevate’s CEO Bob Kruse anticipates the collaboration will address key challenges in EV adoption, offering rapid charging, high energy density, and enhanced cold temperature performance. This partnership symbolizes a mutual trust in technology and a commitment to supply the transportation and specialty markets with revolutionary battery solutions.

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Enhancing Global Market Reach with Innovative Battery Solutions

The license agreement between Enevate and CustomCells opens new avenues in the global industry, combining performance enhancement with cost reduction and sustainability improvements. This strategic alliance aims to increase market penetration by offering affordable, next-generation battery technology across various applications, pushing the boundaries of performance and sustainability in the battery industry.

In summary, Enevate and CustomCells’ partnership is a landmark development in the battery technology sector, promising to revolutionize battery solutions and cater to the growing demands of the global market with innovative, high-performance, and sustainable products.

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