Endowus launches full-service wealth management platform in Hong Kong


Endowus, recognized as Asia’s largest and Hong Kong’s inaugural independent, conflict-free digital wealth advisor, announced the launch of its comprehensive wealth management platform today. This significant development is the culmination of sustained investments in technology aimed at better serving Hong Kong investors. The announcement occurred during the prestigious Endowus Investment Summit, a key event in Hong Kong featuring notable industry leaders like Howard Lee, Deputy Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, and John Studzinski CBE, Vice Chairman of PIMCO.

The platform’s full-service launch is designed to empower investors in Hong Kong with more refined choices, expertly curated advice, and enhanced control over their financial assets. Endowus stands out with its unique fee-only model, which eschews traditional commission structures that often lead to conflicts of interest, thus prioritizing client success and alignment with their financial goals.

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Gregory Van, co-founder and CEO of Endowus, expressed the company’s commitment, stating, “Our full-service launch in Hong Kong is a testament to Endowus’ commitment to meeting the sophisticated needs of Hong Kong investors through continuous innovation. Through our proprietary investment technology, we are not only able to enhance the digital wealth management experience but also democratize access to investment opportunities previously out of reach for many.”

The launch also heralds the introduction of an enhanced, bilingual version of the highly-rated Endowus app, which allows clients to tailor investments to their life goals seamlessly. The app caters to both novice investors and experienced ones who prefer crafting their own investment strategies through the Endowus Fund Smart platform.

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Additionally, Endowus is introducing the Flagship Portfolios in Hong Kong, modeled after their success in Singapore. These portfolios offer diversified global funds crafted to match different risk tolerances and investment horizons and will be available from May 2024.

Endowus’ business model, which aligns closely with practices in developed markets like the UK and the US, ensures that all financial advice provided is free from the usual conflicts seen in traditional financial advisory services. This model has been integral to Endowus achieving over US$5 billion in group assets across Hong Kong SAR and Singapore.

Joel Kim, CEO Asia ex Japan of Dimensional Fund Advisors, highlighted the synergy between Dimensional’s strategies and Endowus’ platform: “For more than 40 years, Dimensional has sought to provide investors with evidence-based, diversified low-cost investment strategies. We share the belief in the potential for Hong Kong to embrace a model of wealth management that prioritises clients.”

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The Endowus platform makes sophisticated investment options accessible, including hedge funds and private market investments traditionally available only to high-net-worth individuals. This move is part of Endowus’ broader strategy to provide comprehensive, accessible, and affordable investment solutions, enhancing the wealth management experience for all Hong Kong investors.

Endowus’ expansion in Hong Kong is a strategic move that could reshape the digital wealth management landscape in Asia. By removing traditional barriers and aligning closely with client interests through a transparent fee model, Endowus is setting a new standard in the region for client-focused financial services.

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