EDF acquires solar specialist Contact Solar to enhance zero carbon offerings in UK


In a significant move that underscores Britain’s commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions, EDF, the country’s leading generator of zero carbon electricity, has announced its acquisition of Chorley-based solar panel and battery installer, Contact Solar. This deal is pivotal in EDF’s UK strategy, aimed at bolstering its ability to offer comprehensive ‘whole house’ net zero solutions to its customers, including solar panels, battery storage, EV charge points, and heat pumps.

The acquisition, following closely on the heels of last year’s purchase of heat pump installer CB Heating, represents a strategic step for EDF towards meeting the increasing customer demand for renewable energy solutions. With solar panels known to reduce electricity consumption by up to 74% per home, projections indicate a 75% surge in uptake by 2030. This move ensures EDF’s preparedness to support both immediate and future customer needs, as well as facilitating growth for Contact Solar.

Customers stand to gain significantly from this acquisition, with access to Contact Solar’s ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot-rated services and EDF’s extensive supply chain. This synergy is expected to yield cost savings and enhance service quality for consumers. Contact Solar, with over a decade in the industry, has been at the forefront of delivering top-tier domestic solar projects, specializing in solar panels for both residential and commercial use, as well as battery storage solutions.

Contact Solar Joins Forces with EDF to Boost Solar and Battery Installations Across the UK

Contact Solar Joins Forces with EDF to Boost Solar and Battery Installations Across the UK

This partnership is set to extend beyond just installations, as Contact Solar’s network of qualified local installers collaborates with EDF on projects for local authorities, housing associations, and developers. These initiatives aim at both new builds and retrofitting existing homes to align with net zero objectives. Moreover, EDF is considering upskilling its engineers in other home energy solutions to include solar panel installations, further broadening its zero carbon product portfolio.

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Philippe Commaret, Managing Director of Customers at EDF, emphasized the company’s commitment to Britain’s net zero ambitions, stating, “We are a long-term partner to Britain and this investment marks another important step forward in our commitment to helping our customers achieve net zero.”

Tom Taylor, Director at Contact Solar, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, noting the potential for accelerated business growth and continued exceptional service delivery. “We are excited about the limitless opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to working alongside EDF to help more customers install solar and batteries in their homes, as the country moves towards a greener future,” he said.

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The acquisition of Contact Solar by EDF is not just a business transaction; it represents a significant leap towards a sustainable, zero carbon future for the UK. As the country gears up to increase its reliance on renewable energy sources, such strategic partnerships are vital in ensuring that the transition to greener alternatives is both efficient and economically viable for consumers.

This acquisition is a testament to the growing importance of renewable energy solutions in the UK’s journey towards net zero. By combining EDF’s extensive resources and Contact Solar’s specialized expertise, the partnership is poised to play a crucial role in accelerating the adoption of solar energy and battery storage solutions across the country. This strategic move not only enhances the companies’ market positions but also significantly contributes to the broader environmental goal of reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable energy consumption.

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The collaboration between EDF and Contact Solar is poised to address the growing consumer demand for sustainable energy solutions, leveraging Contact Solar’s decade-long expertise in the solar industry and EDF’s extensive resources to offer cost-effective, high-quality services. This partnership not only aims to bolster the adoption of solar energy across the UK but also supports local authorities, housing associations, and developers in their efforts to create and retrofit homes to meet net zero targets.

As the UK progresses towards a greener future, the union of EDF and Contact Solar embodies the innovative approaches necessary to facilitate the transition to renewable energy sources, highlighting the importance of strategic investments and collaborations in achieving environmental goals.

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