Diageo announces launch of Cascade Moon Whisky limited edition


Cascade Hollow Distilling, a department of Diageo-owned Tennessee whiskey producer George A. Dickel & Co., is set to launch a new line of whisky called Cascade Moon Whisky this fall in the US.

Cascade Moon Whisky will have a couple of variants that will be released over the next year.

The first release from the new line of whisky is Cascade Moon Edition No. 1. It will have a limited release across Tennessee, California, and Texas, and will be priced at $89.99.

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The second release from the Cascade Moon whisky series is expected later this fall.

Cascade Moon Whisky

Cascade Moon Whisky. Photo courtesy of Diageo.

Cascade Moon Edition No. 1 is a 11-year-old whisky that has savory pretzel-like notes. The whisky also comes with fruity notes of raspberry, pineapple, and coconut.

With an ABV of 42%, Cascade Moon Whisky is said to bring the best of Cascade Hollow with distiller Nicole Austin blending a specialized whisky that is inspired by, and features, similar tasting notes contained in a gose-style beer.

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Nicole Austin said: “Over the past few years, I’ve loved blending for George Dickel Tennessee Whisky, creating innovations that respect the heritage and history of Tennessee Whisky. In that process, I’ve found some incredible whiskies we’ve produced at Cascade Hollow that wouldn’t necessarily fit within the George Dickel portfolio.

“With the release of Cascade Moon, I’m excited to have found a way to showcase these amazing whiskies and be able to showcase our depth as a distillery, outside of George Dickel and the traditional Tennessee Whisky category.”

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