Delhi on the edge again: Rising Yamuna River and rain bring threat of floods to doorstep


Delhi received a fresh shower of rain on Sunday evening, fueling concerns as the water level of the Yamuna River continued to remain above the danger mark. At 3 PM, the river’s level was recorded at 206.26 meters, surpassing the safe limit and raising fears of possible flooding.

The administration has already begun issuing warnings for people to vacate low-lying areas, as the river’s level further increased to 206.31 meters by 4 PM. Videos shared on social media platforms revealed rainfall in areas like Nizamuddin and Pandit Pant Marg in the national capital.

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As the Yamuna’s water level continues to rise, individuals affected by potential flooding are seeking refuge in relief camps. The water level of the river had already crossed the danger mark earlier on Sunday, reaching 205.81 meters at 7 am.

Delhi faces flood threats again as Yamuna water level surges amidst rain

Delhi faces flood threats again as Yamuna water level surges amidst rain. Photo courtesy of Andreas from Pixabay.

Delhi’s Revenue Minister, Atishi Marlena, has confirmed that the Delhi government is on high alert following the release of over 2 lakh cusecs of water from the Hathnikund Barrage into the Yamuna. The Central Water Commission (CWC) reported that the flow rate at the Hathnikund Barrage located in Yamunanagar crossed 1 lakh-mark and fluctuated between 2 lakh and 2.5 lakh cusecs between 10 am and 4 pm.

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Minister of Health of Delhi Saurabh Bharadwaj, during his visit to the Wazirabad water treatment plant, stated that the Delhi Jal Board has reinforced embankments at vulnerable spots to prepare for the rising water levels. He pointed out that the preparations were better this time, with people residing in relief camps provided all necessary arrangements.

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The current monsoon season has put North Indian states in crisis with flooded roads, rivers overflowing the danger marks, and rampant waterlogging obstructing transportation. With the ongoing cloudburst in Ladakh and continued rain in Uttarakhand, the concern for another spike in Yamuna’s water level looms over Delhi, especially after the city experienced its worst flooding since 1978 earlier this month.

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