CycleØ Group acquires Biogasclean to enhance green gas production


CycleØ Group Limited, a leader in the development, construction, ownership, and operation of renewable natural gas (RNG) projects across Europe and Latin America, announced a significant expansion of its green gas production capabilities through the acquisition of Biogasclean, a renowned Danish provider of biological methanation and desulphurisation systems. The transaction, backed by additional capital from Ara Partners, an investment firm dedicated to industrial decarbonisation, marks a landmark development in the biomethane sector.

This acquisition represents a crucial step for CycleØ in advancing the efficiency and sustainability of green gas solutions. By integrating Biogasclean’s advanced biocatalyst technologies, CycleØ aims to enhance its biomethane production by approximately 70%, through the capture and conversion of biogenic CO2 into e-methane. This innovative approach not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also addresses the growing demand for sustainable alternatives to fossil natural gas.

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Laurence Molke, CEO of CycleØ, expressed enthusiasm for the merger, highlighting the significant potential to deploy Biogasclean’s patented technologies across various energy, heat, transport, and industrial sectors. The acquisition is set to propel CycleØ to the forefront of carbon-negative fuel production, leveraging Biogasclean’s global presence and technological prowess.

CycleØ Group boosts biomethane capabilities with acquisition of Biogasclean

CycleØ Group boosts biomethane capabilities with acquisition of Biogasclean. Photo courtesy of PRNewsfoto/CycleØ Group Limited.

Biogasclean’s reputation as a global leader in the field of biological desulphurisation is underpinned by its extensive operational footprint, with over 350 systems in more than 40 countries. The company’s groundbreaking biological methanation technology has been demonstrated on a large scale, particularly in the production of e-methane at the world’s largest commercial facility in Sønderborg, Denmark.

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Niels Holst Jensen, CEO of Biogasclean, underscored the critical nature of this merger in the broader context of climate change mitigation, emphasizing the combined entity’s unique position to significantly reduce methane emissions and capture atmospheric CO2.

Chris Picotte, Partner at Ara Partners, commended the acquisition for completing CycleØ’s biomethane carbon loop, aligning with Europe’s ambitious 2030 decarbonisation goals. The deal reflects Ara Partners’ commitment to investing in technologies that facilitate the decarbonisation of key sectors, furthering the transition towards sustainable energy.

CycleØ, a portfolio company of Ara Partners, continues to make strides in the biomethane industry by capturing methane emissions from the agri-food sector and converting them into biomethane. This process not only decarbonises the transport and maritime sectors but also contributes to the sustainability of the gas grid. With plans to operate at least 50 plants across Europe by 2028, CycleØ’s acquisition of Biogasclean significantly bolsters its position as a leader in the renewable natural gas sector.

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The acquisition of Biogasclean by CycleØ Group Limited is a testament to the growing importance of biomethane as a key component of the renewable energy mix. This strategic move not only enhances CycleØ’s production capabilities but also positions the company as a crucial player in the global effort to transition away from fossil fuels. By leveraging Biogasclean’s innovative technologies, CycleØ is well-placed to meet the increasing demand for sustainable, carbon-negative fuels, marking a significant step forward in the fight against climate change.

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