DASA funding catapults Scottish startup QUICKBLOCK into defense spotlight


The UK Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) said that its funding has been pivotal for Scottish startup QUICKBLOCK, enabling the development of a revolutionary lightweight, portable structure assembly system. This flat-pack building block technology, designed to withstand ballistics and blast fragmentation, is transforming defensive construction for military applications.

Financial Boost Enhances QUICKBLOCK’s Market Readiness

QUICKBLOCK has benefitted from an infusion of DASA funding through the “Take Cover: Phase 2 & 3” Themed Competitions. Additionally, post-contract support from DASA’s Access to Mentoring and Finance (A2MF) team has set the stage for future investments and market readiness, illustrating the direct impact of strategic funding on defense innovation.

Rapid Deployment: A Game Changer for Operational Troops

In high-risk environments, the ability to quickly erect defensive structures is crucial. Traditional methods, requiring significant manpower and time, pose a logistical challenge. QUICKBLOCK’s solution offers a stark contrast: a team of three can assemble a small vehicle checkpoint in under four minutes. These building blocks, stored in a flat-pack form and easily popped open, reduce both time and logistical burdens significantly.

QUICKBLOCK is revolutionizing military defense with innovative, rapid-assembly building blocks funded by DASA

QUICKBLOCK is revolutionizing military defense with innovative, rapid-assembly building blocks funded by DASA

Strategic Design: Flexibility Meets Durability

QUICKBLOCK, originally designed for disaster relief, now provides a modular building system that meets various military needs. Whether it’s creating barriers, sangars, or in-field structures, the blocks’ flexibility and ease of use without specialized tools make them ideal for diverse environments. The armoured version, featuring ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) panels, provides substantial ballistic and blast protection.

Feedback and Future Prospects: Endorsements Fuel Growth

The feedback from military end-users has been overwhelmingly positive, affirming the utility of QUICKBLOCK in operational settings. As QUICKBLOCK transitions from a focus on civilian applications to a robust defense product line, its potential continues to expand, evidenced by recent seed investments and strategic shifts to enhance its supply chain.

QUICKBLOCK’s Market Impact and Future

The transition QUICKBLOCK has made from a small-scale operation to a key player in military logistics is noteworthy. The ability to quickly adapt and respond to defense needs while maintaining simplicity in design is a testament to the innovation DASA funding can foster. Looking ahead, QUICKBLOCK is well-positioned to broaden its impact, not just within military realms but also in civilian sectors where rapid deployability and protection are paramount.

QUICKBLOCK’s Continued Advancement in Defense Technology

With ongoing support from DASA and strategic funding, QUICKBLOCK is poised for further expansion and innovation. The company’s journey from initial concept to a versatile, protective solution for both military and civilian uses showcases the transformative power of targeted financial and developmental support in the defense sector.

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