Cupid Limited acquires new land near Mumbai to boost production capabilities


Cupid Limited, a frontrunner in the personal health industry, has made a significant stride in its growth journey by acquiring a new land parcel in an Industrial Area near Mumbai. This strategic acquisition positions the company to significantly enhance its production capabilities in the global market.

Amplifying Production Capacity

The acquisition will enable Cupid Limited to increase its production capacity by 1.5 times its current output. This expansion will raise the annual production capacity to approximately 770 million male condoms and 75 million female condoms, a substantial increase from the existing capacity of 480 million male condoms and 50 million female condoms.

Cupid Limited Expands Manufacturing Capacity with Strategic Land Acquisition

Cupid Limited Expands Manufacturing Capacity with Strategic Land Acquisition

Forecasted Growth Post-Expansion

Aditya Halwasiya, Managing Director of Cupid Limited, shared his vision for the company’s future growth. Within 18 to 24 months post-expansion, the production capacity for male condoms is expected to surge to 1.25 billion units, while female condom production will rise to 125 million units. This expansion marks a new era in Cupid Limited’s journey towards global leadership in sexual wellness.

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Self-Funded Expansion with Focus on Quality

Importantly, this capacity expansion will be funded entirely through internal accruals, with no reliance on borrowings. The company plans to invest in state-of-the-art machinery at every production stage, reaffirming its commitment to quality and innovation.

Expanding Global Footprint

Additionally, Cupid Limited is set to expand its global footprint by forging new partnerships with international players. This strategic move will not only enhance the company’s market reach but also strengthen its presence in over 105 countries in the sexual wellness sector. The Indian contraceptives market is anticipated to grow at a healthy rate of 12.2% CAGR over the next 7-10 years, driven by a cultural shift among younger demographics and population growth.

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