Culper Capital creates precision tooling and components firm Producto

Culper Capital Partners has created its first control platform, The Producto Group, following the acquisition of Ring Precision Components, New Vision Industries and Dieco.

The New York-based private investment firm had acquired Ring Precision Components and Dieco through the corporate carve out from The PMT Group.  On the other hand, New Vision Industries by the private investment firm from its majority shareholder.

Adam Cook — Culper Capital Partners Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer said: “We are excited to complete the acquisition of three great businesses to form the Producto Group.

“These acquisitions should be the first of many to come for both Culper and Producto.”  Cook, who will serve as Non-Executive Chairman of Producto, adds, “Producto is well positioned to satisfy its customers increased demand caused by the global supply chain crisis.

“We want our customers to rely on Producto as a value-added solutions provider where its products are bought and not sold, where partnership and value creation intersect in everything we do.”

Through Ring Precision Components and New Vision Industries, Producto Group will operate as a contract manufacturer and precision tooling and components provider. It will cater to a range of industries, including the medical, aerospace, semiconductor, and defense markets.

According to Culper Capital Partners, the cutting edge manufacturing and quality control equipment of Producto Group positions the latter to deliver solutions for the most demanding applications of customers. Dieco, which will be the distribution arm of Producto Group, provides custom springs, accessories, die springs, die sets, and other components.

Michael Copt — CEO of Producto Group and seller of New Vision Industries said: “The breadth of the technological capabilities of this platform are extraordinary.  Our unique offering aligns the interests of the Company, its employees, and its customers. Quality, service, and on-time delivery will always be our priority.

“Producto has a well-rounded offering of high-end component manufacturing coupled with precision tooling for applications ranging from injection molding tooling for medical catheters to components for unmanned aerial vehicles.”

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