Cisco completes acquisition of Isovalent to bolster secure multicloud networking


Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) has successfully completed its acquisition of Isovalent, a company at the forefront of open-source cloud-native networking and security. This acquisition is pivotal as Cisco continues to develop its vision for the future of secure, multicloud networking through its Cisco Security Cloud platform.

Acquisition Details

Announced initially in December 2023, the acquisition of Isovalent by Cisco aims to enhance Cisco’s capabilities across public clouds significantly. Isovalent is known for its leadership in developing key open-source technologies such as eBPF and has been crucial in advancing cloud-native solutions, Cilium and Tetragon. These technologies are integral to Cisco’s strategy to provide advanced threat protection in a multicloud environment through an AI-driven, cloud-delivered, integrated security platform designed for organizations of varying sizes.

Cisco Systems has successfully completed its acquisition of Isovalent

Cisco Systems has successfully completed its acquisition of Isovalent

Technology Integration and Future Plans

Isovalent’s innovative technologies will now form a cornerstone of the Cisco Security Cloud vision. This integration is expected to deliver a unique multicloud security and networking capability that supports digital transformation journeys for Cisco’s customers. “Together with Isovalent, Cisco will build on the open source power of Cilium to create a truly unique multicloud security and networking capability to help customers simplify and accelerate their digital transformation journeys,” said Jeetu Patel, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Security and Collaboration at Cisco. The merger promises enhanced networking capabilities, increased visibility into cloud-native interactions, and improved policy enforcement across software-defined networks.

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Enhanced Product Offerings and Commitment to Open Source

Cisco plans to continue developing and offering Isovalent’s array of products, including the newly introduced Cilium Mesh and Tetragon, as well as the Isovalent Enterprise. These products are designed to connect Kubernetes clusters seamlessly and provide extensive security and operational visibility. Moreover, the commitment to maintaining Cilium and Tetragon as open-source projects highlights Cisco’s strategy to support and lead in the open-source community actively.

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The Isovalent team will join the Cisco Security Business Group following the acquisition closure. This move signifies a further step in Cisco’s commitment to security and cloud networking leadership, aligning with the ongoing needs of a distributed digital environment.

The acquisition of Isovalent by Cisco marks a significant advancement in Cisco’s capabilities to manage security and networking in a multicloud setting. By integrating Isovalent’s proven technologies, Cisco not only enhances its product offerings but also solidifies its position as a leader in the evolving market of cloud security. This strategic acquisition is likely to offer substantial benefits to Cisco’s global customer base, driving forward its mission of seamless and secure cloud connectivity.

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