Cessna 177 airplane crashes in Lake Hamilton, Garland County, Arkansas


Garland County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that a single-engine Cessna 177 airplane crashed into Lake Hamilton, Arkansas on Monday morning, prompting a full-scale emergency response.

The office received a distress call from the Hot Spring airport control tower just after 8 a.m. about the aircraft that went down in a cove off Port-au-Prince Street on Lake Hamilton.

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A female passenger of the crashed airplane was rescued and transported to a local hospital for medical attention, while a male passenger was retrieved from the plane by divers. Officials have yet to release information regarding the man’s health status.

Emergency response underway as single-engine plane crashes in Lake Hamilton

Emergency response underway as single-engine plane crashes in Lake Hamilton. Photo courtesy of Ahunt/Wikimedia Commons.

The cause of the crash remains undisclosed as authorities continue their investigation. The distressed aircraft, which had been en route from Kentucky, had reportedly sought permission to land at Hot Springs due to unspecified complications. When the plane failed to reach the airport, local emergency services were alerted.

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In response to the crash, a range of local and regional agencies have joined forces. This includes Hot Springs Police Department, Hot Springs Divers, and Hot Springs Fire Department, all of which are currently present at the scene.

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