CenterLab’s anti-diabetic drug candidate CS02 meets primary endpoint in phase 2 trial


Taiwanese pharma company Center Laboratories (CenterLab) said that its anti-diabetic drug candidate CS02 has met the primary endpoint of a phase 2 clinical trial.

According to Center Laboratories, the orally administered small molecule drug candidate delivered significant reductions in glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in comparison to the placebo group.

The phase 2 clinical trial is a proof of concept (PoC) study being held as per the US FDA’s guidance to primarily evaluate its glycemic controlling effect. CenterLab also included Homeostasis model2 assessment β-cell (HOMA2-β) as a secondary endpoint to show CS02’s capability in beta cell preservation.

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The Taiwanese pharma company said that the CS02 phase 2 clinical trials showed that the small molecule decreased HbA1c by a significant extent, besides showing top performance in the preservation of the pancreatic beta cell function with HOMA2-β increased by 13.45%.

Robert Hsu – the GM of CenterLab said: “CenterLab is highly committed to patients’ unmet needs, thus, CenterLab aims to bring on better treatments which is more cost-effective and safer compared to other treatments. We believe CS02, as a potential blockbuster for diabetes treatment, has a role in improving patients’ life quality.”

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