Capgemini to advance digital transformation of Norwegian Public Roads Administration


Capgemini has signed a pivotal four-year agreement with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) to spearhead its digital transformation and transition towards a data-driven operational model. This strategic partnership aims to enhance the road transport system in Norway by developing digital systems that will provide reliable and essential traffic and transport data to improve traffic flow and ensure the safety of the Norwegian public.

Under this agreement, Capgemini will collaborate closely with NPRA to design services, develop systems, conduct testing, and manage IT operations and maintenance. The primary goal is to fortify NPRA’s digital capabilities through dedicated resources and competency-based training. This will enable better decision-making and secure management of road data, crucial for future mobility advancements.

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Lars Kalfoss, Director of IT at NPRA, emphasized the importance of this transformation: “As a key societal player, we have a responsibility towards the people of Norway and oversee vast resources of data and infrastructure. The quality of information provided is crucial in ensuring safer travel for all, and Capgemini will play a key role in enabling this. Increased digitalization ensures safer and more predictable traveling on Norwegian roads and optimized costs.”

Capgemini’s role will extend beyond system development to helping NPRA effectively collect, process, present, and store vital road data. This includes generating accurate and timely information for commuters regarding travel duration, weather conditions, and live updates from road webcams, which are essential for safe and efficient travel.

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Atle Bergfjord, Head of Public Sector at Capgemini Norway, added, “NPRA plays a central role in maintaining and optimizing the road transportation system in Norway. Our work with NPRA will make it easier to extract data and make these insights available to commuters on Norwegian roads. As a trusted business and technology partner of NPRA since 2017, we are committed to enabling an effective and safe transportation system in Norway.”

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This collaboration is expected to set a benchmark in the integration of technology in road transportation, positioning NPRA as a forward-thinking, data-driven entity ready for the challenges of future mobility. The partnership underscores Capgemini’s continuing commitment to enhancing public sector operations through innovative digital solutions.

This strategic partnership between Capgemini and the NPRA is a significant development in the field of public sector digitalization. By leveraging advanced digital solutions, the NPRA is not only enhancing road safety and efficiency but also setting a standard for future projects in the public sector. This initiative is likely to serve as a model for similar transformations globally.

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