Capgemini partners with Mistral AI to revolutionize generative AI deployment


Capgemini has announced an alliance partnership with Mistral AI, a frontrunner in the artificial intelligence (AI) domain, to spearhead the evolution towards more accessible, versatile, and cost-effective generative AI implementations at scale. This partnership is set to enhance Capgemini’s extensive global client portfolio by incorporating Mistral AI’s advanced foundational models into their generative AI architecture, marking a significant leap forward in the technology sector.

Through this alliance, Capgemini’s clients will gain from not only the company’s leading data and AI capabilities, deep industry expertise, and comprehensive range of generative AI services but also from Mistral AI’s state-of-the-art generative AI models. Mistral AI is revolutionizing how businesses approach transformation, offering AI models that are not only more cost-efficient but also outperform most current industry alternatives.

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Mistral AI’s large language models (LLMs) stand out for their unmatched customization capabilities and pretraining for robust multi-lingual competencies, essential for today’s global organizations. This collaboration is poised to meet the specific needs of businesses, especially in highly regulated sectors such as Financial Services, Aerospace and Defense, Utilities and Telcos, and the Public Sector, by making generative AI more accessible and reducing its carbon footprint.

Capgemini and Mistral AI Forge Strategic Alliance to Drive Generative AI Innovation

Capgemini and Mistral AI Forge Strategic Alliance to Drive Generative AI Innovation

Arthur Mensch, Co-founder and CEO of Mistral AI, emphasized the importance of collaboration to advance generative AI technology and its widespread adoption. Fernando Alvarez, Chief Strategy and Development Officer at Capgemini, highlighted the partnership’s role in fostering sustainable business transformation through efficient and high-performing AI models.

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This strategic alliance between Capgemini and Mistral AI exemplifies the potential of partnerships in driving technological innovation and sustainable business practices. By leveraging Mistral AI’s cutting-edge technology, Capgemini aims to redefine the capabilities of generative AI, making it a cornerstone of digital transformation and a driver of the dual transition towards a digital and sustainable economy.

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