Cannibble Food-Tech to launch new Pelicann cannabis infused edibles in US


Cannibble Food-Tech, an Israeli food-tech developer of -based edibles, will first launch its new brand, The Pelicann in the US, starting October 2019, as per the latest food product launch news.

The Pelicann range of infused edibles, which present powder-mixes enhanced with cannabinoids and hemp products, will be produced in the country that is considered to be the biggest cannabis market internationally.

The infused edibles with instant serving are meant for personal use with ‘single-serve’ packages and for kiosks and convenience stores.

Spotted by unique colors, the Pelicann products are offered in three families of cannabis — Hemp seeds oils and Hemp protein (Green), Full-spectrum CBD to Isolated CBD (Pink) and THC infused (Blue).

Pelicann cannabis infused edibles

Pelicann infused edibles : Cannabis infused Pancake from Cannibble Food-Tech. Photo courtesy of Cannibble FoodTech Ltd.

Elad Barkan – CTO and Chef of Cannibble Food-Tech, commenting on the launch of the Pelicann infused edibles, said: “We have invested almost two years of substantial R&D and we are bringing to the market completely, unseen before and non-existent today, new lines of Cannabinoids infused powder-mix based edibles and beverages, which are tasty and fun for all food lovers.

“We are targeting the non-smoking and -driven consumers who are seeking a different experience when consuming Hemp seeds, CBD or THC”.

The segments scheduled for the first launch to market include CannaShakes, powders for shakes and/or cold and/or hot beverages; Cannashakes Sports, Hemp protein shake mixes with CBD for all professional and amateur athletes; CannaMix, powders for microwave or oven making instant, muffins, cupcakes and pancakes; CannaSpices for Pizza, Steaks, Chicken and Salads; CannaPop, a microwave instant popcorn mix.

Commenting on the launch of the Pelicann infused edibles, Yoav Bar Joseph – CEO of Cannibble Food-Tech, said: “I am extremely excited to see our vision for the level of the professional edibles market come to life, selling our products on the shelves in the USA, in just a few weeks.

“We are working on our new B2C ‘The Pelicann’ website with an online shop for the and other countries.

“Cannibble is looking for more Point-of-Sales as convenience stores, coffee bars, dispensaries and alike to sell our unique products.”

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