War on crime or tragedy? Brazil’s deadly police raids explained


In a high-octane police raid that has ignited shock and controversy, at least nine people were killed during an operation targeting criminal gangs in the slums of Rio de Janeiro on August 2. This marks the latest in a series of deadly security force raids across Brazil, elevating the death toll to at least 42, including 14 in São Paulo state and 19 in the northeastern state of Bahia.

Amidst the violence, police also seized seven rifles, ammunition, and grenades. This sensational incident has thrust the spotlight on the authorities’ hardline security policies and triggered outrage from political figures, especially following the second-deadliest police operation in the city’s history last year.

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The Raid in Rio de Janeiro’s Favelas

In what was described as a retaliatory clash by Rio state police, officers allegedly returned fire after coming under attack during a raid on a meeting of organized crime leaders in the Complexo da Penha group of favelas. Among those killed were Fiel and Du Leme, known to be leaders of the impoverished Juramento and Chatuba neighborhoods. During the confrontation, one officer was injured but is reported to be stable. The police statement indicated that a total of “eleven suspects were wounded, and nine of them died of their injuries.”

Brazil's anti-gang operations: 42 dead across multiple states - An in-depth analysis

Brazil’s anti-gang operations: 42 dead across multiple states – An in-depth analysis. Photo courtesy of Gleidiçon Rodrigues from Pixabay.

Heated Criticism and Political Backlash

Rio state legislator Dani Monteiro, a staunch critic of the operation, dubbed the police action as a “massacre” and openly criticized Rio state Governor Claudio Castro, a known security hardliner and ally of far-right former president Jair Bolsonaro. Emphasizing the need for a change in approach, she exclaimed, “Castro’s (in)security policy must stop!”

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Ongoing Anti-Gang Operations Across Brazil

This operation was not an isolated incident. Police recently launched a massive anti-gang effort in the wake of a special forces officer’s murder last week in São Paulo. São Paulo Governor Tarcisio de Freitas, another Bolsonaro ally, reported that the police have killed 14 alleged criminals during the operation. The northeastern state of Bahia also witnessed violence, with officials stating that 19 suspects were killed in clashes with police.

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